To the Republican and Democratic party committees: Show us the by-laws or the section of our Constitution that outlines the process on how those individuals are chosen that will determine who our legislative representative will be by the process of a Conference.

Many have searched for those documents and cannot find them. So please, tell us where we go to find said documentation so we can read the process ourselves. 

There is no other way of describing what happened on June 13 other than corruption.

And, to further that, unknown to anyone else, the two township supervisors appointed who they wanted to fill the third seat vacated by the conference’s chosen candidate for the House of Representatives.

The “Drive for Five” had the foresight that something like this could happen, supporting the push for five supervisors. And here we are, a controlled conference, that chose their candidate of choice to fill the vacancy created by the departure of our representative, not the public. A new township supervisor chosen by the two existing supervisors, not the public.

Here’s a kicker, we have a township manager being paid in excess of $80,000 and lives in Florida. How can a manager think she can manage from another state? They say she can manage via email?

How about we get supervisors to supervise by email from another state.

The next EBT meeting is Monday, July 8 at 5:30. The citizens of EBT need to attend this meeting and tell them we’ve had enough.


Clair Moyer,