What a joke! Did Senators like Susan Collins and Lamar Alexander actually say that Donald J. Trump would actually learn his lesson from the impeachment? The only lesson he learned is that he is now free to do whatever he wants. They have turned him loose from any restraints on his vengeful response to any criticism or restraint on his behavior. They have helped him throw the Constitution and balance of powers into the trash heap of history. They have defied the framers of the Constitution and their fear of an unrestrained presidency. They have helped Donald Trump attain his most cherished desire of becoming Dictator Donald J. Trump.

Where is the outrage at his firing of a decorated soldier like Lt. Col. Vindman because he followed his training as a military officer? Lt. Col. Vindman in testifying was following a legal subpoena from Congress. When he questioned “the call” he reported to his chain of command. Now our vindictive president says he wants him in jail. Trump even played an extra vindictive card when he fired Vindman’s twin brother.

We now face a great unknown with a president who has been totally unleashed from any restraints by Congressional Republicans who have thrown their oath of office aside to grovel at the feet of their all-powerful leader. How many Republican senators lied when they swore to be fair and open in the impeachment trial? Failure to call witnesses demonstrated they didn’t want to know the truth. These Trump toadies have demonstrated why founders like George Washington and John Adams were opposed to political parties. Our weak-kneed Republican Senators have put their own political careers ahead of the country out of fear of the wrath of Trump.

When Joe McCarthy was carrying out his despicable attack on American citizens a weak-kneed Republican Party stepped aside and let him carry out his vile attacks. Only one Republican senator spoke out, Margaret Chase Smith of Maine. It’s too bad that Susan Collins doesn’t have the integrity of her predecessor. With so many terrified in Congress and an adoring electorate who are impervious to the truth, we see before us how dictators rise to power. Our own Senator Pat Toomey has fallen in line with his fellow Trump sycophants.

Jack D. Miller,


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