The front page of a daily newspaper is a moment in time that captures several news events as headlines for that day. It becomes an historical marker.

On Thursday, Nov. 18, 2021, there were several headlines on the front page of The Daily Item:

n US overdose deaths top 100K in a year — State has 4th most OD deaths over past year; Officials: Milestone tied to COVID-19 pandemic.

n Hunger walk takes first steps in Valley; Radio host’s trek will fundraise for food bank.

n Doc: Truth about injuries might have saved child Surgeon: Delay in call to 911 limited treatment effectiveness.

These headlines highlight three current and important issues: Record overdose deaths tied to COVID-19, the problem of hunger in our area, and child abuse that led to the death of a child.

All serious issues and concerns ending or affecting the lives of many people directly and indirectly in our area.

There was another sad headline that day:

Keller sponsors bill to halt business vaccine mandate.

So let us get this straight:

With these three serious issues, and many others, our representative introduced legislation to prevent COVID vaccine mandates for businesses.

This is the same COVID virus that resulted in the deaths of over 767,000 U.S. citizens and over 5 million people worldwide, and wrecked economies from which we are still recovering.

Does Rep. Keller want to end COVID or, reach a million U.S. COVID deaths? Then he can wear one of the foam #1 hands you see at sporting events and yell, “We’re Number 1” — in worldwide COVID deaths.

How does Fred determine his priorities?

What is his thought process when he votes?

Does he process issues, really and sincerely believe in his decisions, or just listens to what others tell him and how to vote?

What values does Rep. Keller have, and use, when he goes to work, votes in congress, and directs his staff?

How would you grade Rep. Keller?

According to other conservative Republicans and the Republican Accountability Project —an organization supporting Republicans in Congress who are defying party leadership —they give Fred a F.

This organization highlights Fred’s deficiencies: Signed Texas amicus brief; objected to certification of electoral college votes in one or more states; made false and/or irresponsible public statements against democratic system; voted against impeachment or conviction of Donald Trump for inciting an insurrection; voted against creating an independent commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack; voted against holding Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress.

It is likely that the Republican Accountability Project will add another deficiency to Fred’s report card:

Voted against the censure and condemnation of representative and republican colleague Paul Gosar for posting violent images directed at another member of congress and our President.

Why could Rep. Keller not condemn visual acts of violence from another member of congress?

Are values something Rep. Keller only uses during his election campaigns and on Sunday mornings?

What has happened to Fred?

Mike Molesevich lives in Lewisburg. He is a member of The Daily Item’s community advisory board.

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