I believe the corrupt mainstream media is not a reflection of reality; not even close.

I believe in anonymous sources. ... Just kidding, folks. ... Only an idiot would believe in anonymous sources.

I believe anyone who marches in our streets and chants “Death to America” and “Kill the Pigs” is my enemy.

I believe we will never know the answer to the question of how many D.C. Democrats it takes to solve a problem. It has never happened before.

I believe Donald Trump was elected to get results, not to be nice.

I believe being called a racist today is kind of like being called a witch during the middle ages.

I believe the Chinese virus has an over 99% recovery rate. 

I believe Kyle Rittenhouse is an American hero.

I believe Ozzy Osbourne is more coherent than Joe Biden.

I believe the Constitution is our North Star. Unfortunately, the Democrats are looking in the opposite direction.

I believe if President Trump said that air is good, liberals would stop breathing. We can only hope and pray on this one.

I believe I will not be turning back the clock on Nov. 1. Who the heck wants even one more hour of 2020?

Edward Letkiewicz, 


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