Once again we were reminded how superior the left is by a Middleburg writer (My Turn, Kimberly Eaton, Sept. 4). She denigrated white conservatives, while apparently having the ability to know what we think and feel.

She didn’t think we could name one thing President Trump has done. Well, how about the lowest pre-pandemic unemployment on record for all races, with legitimate figures. Not Obama and Biden’s. They dropped people off the rolls who quit looking for work to make the numbers look better.

Revamping Biden’s criminal justice bill, that hurt minorities the most. Investing heavily in minority communities and historically Black colleges.

Fixing the VA system to allow veterans to see doctors outside the system and have far more access to care. Funding our Armed Forces so they didn’t have to strip equipment just to have the parts to keep tanks, planes and ships operating.

Renegotiating trade agreements so the U.S. wasn’t operating at a massive disadvantage as we had in the past.

Building more of the border wall to safeguard our country. Standing up for the law-abiding citizens that have fallen victim to the rioting, arson, looting and murder committed by Antifa and BLM. Shut down potential COVID infected flights from China even though Biden and Pelosi called it racist and xenophobic.

Standing firm against years of false charges of Russian collusion, a Democratic effort to overturn an election.

Fighting for school choice so the poor can send their children to better schools. Trump, unlike Biden never believed bussing would turn the schools into racial jungles.

He’s making NATO countries finally pay their fair share of defense. He’s convincing our allies to stand up to China, something Joe Biden with his billion-dollar-plus sweetheart deal from the Chinese for his son will never do.

Tell us what Joe Biden, with more than 45 years in government has done. You tell us what he promises, but tell us what he has done. And why hasn’t he fixed the problems, or even tried to before this? You want us to believe he has the answers now when he never had a clue before.

William J. Folk, 





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