Dr. Fiona Hill, Ph.D. in Russian history, National Security Council Russian expert, stated under oath, in the Congressional impeachment inquiry her opinion that the British spy, Christopher Steele “got played.” Her statement started me on a logical daisy chain that blows my mind. Recall that, Mr. Steele put together the “dossier” that Dr. Nellie Ohr, another Ph.D. in Russian history and employee of the political consulting firm, Fusion GPS, wife of Dept. of Justice, high-level lawyer, Mr. Bruce Ohr, managed/coordinated. Fusion GPS was paid by the Democratic National Committee, and their preferred candidate, for the “dossier.”

This political opposition research “dossier” was developed under the radar to provide deniability, but it ran amuck; the dossier was apparently used by our own government to justify/legitimize our anti-terrorism capability of secret surveillance against our president-elect. It’s easy to imagine the temptation of being able to use covert surveillance on domestic political rivals as well as acknowledging the tendency of human nature to get such an edge. 

Here is the logical daisy chain. Mr. Steele worked on his dossier with Dr. Ohr, who used her husband to pass it to the FBI, who wrapped it into a national security investigation (where it received usage by our security agencies, i.e.) the CIA and the FBI) coordinated by the president’s Director of National Intelligence, DNI, who briefs our president, presumably, on all significant security issues.

Here is what blows my mind. If Mr. Steele got played, then Dr. and Mr. Ohr got played, and the CIA, FBI, and DNI got played, and last but not least, our president got played. So our leaders got played and the darker side of human nature got them sucked into a Russian tar pit. Logically, then, there was Russian collusion; but, it probably occurred unbeknownst to our leaders, who were played, and they perpetrated a false rumor that our president-elect was seeking Russian help to win. If my logic is correct, this was a convoluted and effective Russian communication warfare effort. And while the president-elect, and all the rest of us, became the victim of the Russian skullduggery and unchecked human nature (that started when Mr. Steele “got played”), he/we did not collude with the Russians.

Ken Young,


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