What has this election shown us? I believe quite a lot. Our United States is anything but united. We have moved from a reasonable disagreement to violence and hate.

This current president and for a large part his key administration are potentially hurting our national security, our military, and any relationships we may still have with allies by refusing to recognize that “We the People” have voted that it is time for a change of leadership.

Obviously, we can’t predict where this will lead us but this delaying tactic by President Donald Trump also can seriously jeopardize how quickly the Biden administration can begin working on the major problems we face today. Also, they have their own internal issues. I would suggest the first order for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is to have House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tender her resignation as she is a liability to the Democrats.

So regardless of our political preferences, we Americans are the ones who are currently losing.

H. Richard Hess,




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