Rep. Fred Keller proudly reports that as a co-sponsor of the Congressional Review Act nullifying the OSHA vaccine mandate, he is standing up for individual liberty. Individual liberty comes at what cost? reports that in Pennsylvania the average charged amount for a COVID patient undergoing complex inpatient care including those on ventilators and ICU patients is $373,506. The average estimated allowed amount is $116,585. COVID patients receiving non-complex inpatient care incur a charge amount of $77,844 and an estimated allowed amount of $37,333.

Looking at a concrete example: On Nov. 21, Evangelical Hospital reported 11 non-vaccinated patients receiving complex patient care. They reported four vaccinated COVID patients in that same group. They also reported 27 non-vaccinated and one vaccinated patient receiving non-complex inpatient care. The average unadjusted costs for the the non-vaccinated patients include $4,108,566 for complex care and $2,101,896 for complex care patients totaling $6,210,462. Vaccinated patients costs include $1,494,024 for complex care and $77,844 for non-complex totaling $1,571,868. The estimated allowed amount for non-vaccinated patients totals $2,290,426. The vaccinated patient total is $503,673.

The cost of vaccinating 38 people at less than $50/vaccination is $1,900.

Taxpayers will pay the bills incurred by Medicare and Medicaid patients and businesses and individuals who pay premiums to private health insurance companies will pick up the rest.

According to Rep. Keller it’s considered government overreach to mandate a $50 vaccination.

Are those exercising their personal liberties depending on the government, their employers or neighbors to pick up their tab?

Jan Reichard-Brown,


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