Just this week, Bloomberg News reported the Senate Finance Committee is considering a price on carbon as part of the reconciliation bill now being marked up in Congress.

I applaud Sen. Bob Casey and the other Senators sitting on the Finance Committee for their visionary effort to push back against our climate emergency. One in three Americans have experienced some form of climate disaster this year. The pictures of Hurricane Ida’s devastating run from the Gulf of Mexico to Connecticut — leaving submerged towns, flooded rivers and streams, and spawning tornadoes — make it only too clear that a mighty tool is needed. Carbon pricing is that tool.

Besides bringing down carbon emissions fast, carbon pricing will decrease pollution, saving thousands of lives (poor air quality is responsible for 1 in 10 American deaths today) and improving health. It will boost the economy, create jobs and unleash affordable clean energy. Importantly, it will allow American businesses to remain competitive abroad, by avoiding the border adjustment tariff Canada and the European Union will impose on countries without a carbon price.

There’s little doubt that the battle to reverse climate change must be engaged this decade. The struggles of communities all over Pennsylvania require that bold action come now, not 10 years down the road. Carbon pricing is bold action commensurate with the task; Sen. Casey and his fellow Committee members should make sure it is included in the reconciliation bill.

Kay Cramer,


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