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I don’t know about you, but I plan to enjoy this year’s November election being entirely local.

Local elections tend to focus more on actual issues that impact residents than national and even state elections. They also tend to be — though are not always — more civil.

While local elections are certainly partisan, it’s in more of an old fashioned way than the current national approach of my side is completely right and the other side is completely wrong.

I consider it a breather between last year’s presidential election and next year, when all seats in the the state House, numerous seats in the state Senate, the governorship and a U.S. Senate seat will all be up for grabs.

The Daily Item has begun its stories about the candidates in key Nov. 2 local elections.

The point of those stories, of course, is to inform readers about the candidates up for vote. Even though this is a local election, getting out and voting is still a precious right and very important.

In some ways, the people who fill these very local offices can have more direct impact on the lives of the people in the Valley than those on the state and national levels.

All of our stories, with videos of the candidates answering a few questions, are available on our website and will remain there until after Election Day.

We started last Tuesday with reporter Justin Strawser’s report on the two candidates for Northumberland County prothonotary: Republican incumbent Jamie Saleski and Democratic challenger Jason Radel.

On Wednesday, Marcia Moore wrote about the two candidates for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in the 17th Judicial District of Snyder and Union counties: Lori Hackenberg and Brian Kerstetter. Each is vying to replace retiring President Judge Michael T. Hudock.

On Friday, Eric Scicchitano advanced the race for East Buffalo Township Supervisor between Republican Mike Glazer and Democrat Katie Evans.

On Saturday, Francis Scarcella looked at the candidates for Sunbury Mayor: Councilman Josh Brosious, a Republican, and former Sunbury administrator Jody Ocker running as an independent. Ocker ran as a write-in candidate for the Democratic nod in the spring primary, but didn’t receive the required 100 votes (she had 82) to make the ballot as the Democratic nominee.

Also on Saturday, Justin Srawser reported on the race for Northumberland County Register and Recorder, between incumbent Republican Tina Mertz and Libertarian Alison Smeltz.

The stories continue all this week, beginning with Scarcella on the Sunbury Council race on Tuesday.

Also coming next week will be stories about the races for Milton Mayor, the Milton school board, Union County prothonotary, Northumberland County controller, Danville school board, Montour Country treasurer, Selinsgrove borough council, Lewisburg school board and Lewisburg borough council.

This is part of what a community newspaper does. We urge you to read about the elections in your county. We also thank all the people who have chosen to step up and run for office.

One more word of thanks goes to the people who will be working the polls and handling mail-in ballots. They’ve gotten a lot of undeserved grief in the past year from those who wouldn’t accept the results, believe the count and trust the process used to get there.

These workers deserve better.

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