Russell B. Houseknecht Jr. to Russell B. and Amy L. Houseknecht, Stefanie K. Roberts, property in Anthony Township.

Future Ling LLC to Jason A. Herrold, property in Danville, $150,000.

Overlook Real Estate LLC to Anastasia Kovaschetz, property in Danville, $144,900.

Matthew S. and Rachel Reichard to Gary S. and Marcella A. Hepfer, property in Mahoning Township, $335,000.

Kaiserwood, LLC to Columbia County Properties LLC, property in Danville.

Kaiserwood, LLC to Columbia County Properties LLC, property in Danville.

Mary F. Boatwright to Boatwright Family Irrevocable Trust, property in Limestone Township.

Edward C. Engle IV, Sandra L. Wood to Howard K. and Leigh-Anne Congdon, property in Valley Township, $379,000.

Barnhart Family Trust to Lance E. and Beverly J. Overholt, property in Mahoning Township, $75,000.

James F. Jr. and Judith A. Bower to Nathan Buck, property in Liberty Township, $280,000.

Edward L. and Candice K. Overdorf to Vickie Keirnan, property in Danville, $326,000.

Jeffry A. and Kelly J. Henrie to Jeffry A. Henrie, property in Derry Township.


Ruth R. and Marcus G. Adams to Ruth R. and Marcus J. Adams, property in Ralpho Township.

Andrew John III and Linda F. Long to Falisha F. Roush, Kyle M. Long, property in Rockefeller Township.

Northumberland County Sheriff for James Colna, Lisa Benscoter, Kenneth Colna, Rose Colna, James K. Colna Jr. to J&W 2020 LLC, property in Delaware Township, $193,279.

PAD Kulpmont LLC to 1916 Prospect Ave LLC, property in Kulpmont, $250,000.

Kim M. Snyder to Nathan L. Cooper, Robert J. Cooper Jr., property in Sunbury.

Gilbert K. Powell, Kevin G. Powell, Jillian Powell to Kim Kryworuka, property in Mount Carmel.

Fern R. Geise Revocable Living Trust, Fern R. Geise, trustee to James B. and Michelle L. Geise, property in Point Township.

John A. and Judy L. Marshall to Justine M. Sellers, property in Ralpho Township, $139,900.

Powerking Motorsports LLC to David P. Huber, Lindsey C. Phillips, property in Kulpmont.

Stella P. Alli to Greater Shamokin Area Housing Development Corporation, property in Shamokin.

Hopewell Properties LLC to Magic Minds LLC, property in Shamokin, $12,000.

Daniel R. Duttinger Sr., by agent; Lois L. Duttinger, agent & individually; Samuel R. Dunkelberger, Judy E. Dunkelberger to Thomas E. Beers, property in Shamokin.

Michael S. Kreamer to Jacob C. and Katelin E. Mertz, property in Lower August Township.

Brian E. and Margaret L. Hubler to Robert D. Lapinski, property in Shamokin, $287,500.

Bruce W. and Jane L. Wolfe, W&W Realty to Vincent G. and Jennifer L. Carado, W&W Realty, property in Jordan Township.

Randall L. and Luann G. Hummer, Robert B. and Sheryl L. Klint to Gilbert J. Picarelli and Timothy R. Knoebel, co-partners; Annsan Partnership, property in Sunbury.

Lisa L. Showers to Robert J. and April M. Bryer, property in Turbot Township.

Richard W. and Larie M. McClain to Stephen and Anya Wozniak, property in Delaware Township.

Robert C. Zimmerman Sr. estate, Robert C. Zimmerman Jr. and Linda L. Young, co-executors to Robert C. Zimmerman Jr., property in Sunbury.

Michael L. and Jaymi F. Sejuit to Michael L. Sejuit, property in Mount Carmel.

JP Realty Enterprises LLC to Luis E. Hernandez, property in Mount Carmel, $42,500.

Robert C. and Marian Dondero, Anthony and Alyce Dondero to Entrepreneurial Enterprises LLC, property in Mount Carmel, $30,000.

Lewis C. and Mary J. Snyder to Eric R. McAndrew, property in Mount Carmel.

Paul Peter Paskevich Jr. estate, Michael Paskevich, individually and administrator to Anthony P. and Kathy Ann Yanick, property in Mount Carmel, $5,000.

Byron J. and Donna Clark Price to Donna Clark Price, property in Rockefeller Township.

Timothy E. Jr. and Tara L. Barrett to Desmond A. Young, property in Coal Township, $125,000.

Thomas S. Drust estate, Brian M. Drust, individually and administrator; David T. Drust to Brian M. Drust, property in Coal Township, $40,000.

Margaret E. Snyder, by agent; Paul E. Kurtz III, agent to Jason T. Probert, Alyssa Marshall, property in Turbot Township.

Jennifer A. Duffy to Ira W. Fedder, property in Herndon, $84,400.

Marshal M. and Debra E. Frye, Wayne E. and Martha E. Frye to Matthew M. and Nichole E. Frye, property in Lewis Township.

Adeline Talisesky estate, David Talisesky and Bruce Talisesky, executors to Leon I. Kimmel, Joseph R. and Andrea M. De La Rosa Leyba, property in Coal Township, $105,100.

Barbara A. Falton to Crystal Wilhelm, property in Kulpmont.

Cody and Tiffani Arnold to Cody Arnold, property in Rockefeller Township.

Franklin J. II and Eileen S. Povish to Benjamin J. Frey, property in Turbotville.

Charles A. Wolfe Sr., by agent; Colleen K. Kline, agent; Charles A. Wolfe Jr., agent; Kenneth L. Wolfe, agent to Bradley G. Geiswite, property in Milton.

Jodi L. Geiger to Laura L. and Ethan R. Michael, property in Delaware Township.

Wesley Hack to Jahvis Williams, property in Shamokin, $17,000.

Junior Fairweather to Keith D. Musser, property in Shamokin, $23,000.

Diane M. Kopyscianski to Michael J. Wynne Jr., property in Ralpho Township.

George W. and Kellie R. Grose to Kyle Williams, Brittni Lawton, property in Delaware Township.

Aaron J. Bressi, by agent; James V. Bressi to Keith Eisenhart, property in Coal Township.

Joseph D. Weaver estate, Victoria L. Robbins, administratrix to Victoria L. and Lonnie D. Robbins Sr., property in Delaware Township.

Jeffrey L. Sr. and Maxine R. Kashner to Gail A. Moore, property in Ralpho Township.

Dennis and Mary Virginia Molesevich to DMM Housing LLC, property in Mount Carmel, $49,000.

Barbara S. Miller, by agent; Bonnie L. Shipman, agent to Harry B. Fenwick, Frances G. Fenwick, property in Shamokin.

Scott W. Billow to Mikki L. and Kristin A. Sprenkle, property in Lower Mahanoy Township, $136,384.62.

Dennis Kalbarchick to Tina M. Cosgrove, property in Coal Township.

LSF1- Master Participation Trust, by agent; Hudson Homes Management LLC, agent to Shamokin CASA LLC, property in Shamokin, $50,500.

Elam B. Jr. and Susan E. Stoltzfoos to Emanuel L. and Rose Ellen Lapp, property in Lower Mahanoy Township, $1,500,000.

Joann D. and Joel Rasper, Joann D. Cerven to Point Township, property in Point Township.

Laura Margarito to Kendell D. Jones, property in Shamokin.

Thomas J. Kiefaber to Jason Ohara, property in Coal Township, $15,000.

Northumberland County Sheriff for Michael B. Kaminski to Steven W. Jr. and Kandy K. Conrad, property in Lower Mahanoy Township, $31,200.

Northumberland County Sheriff for Glenn A. Loss to Duke Properties 2017 LLC, property in Delaware Township, $95,700.

Joseph H. and Marisa Pellowski, Marisa Belgio to Sarah E. Freeman, property in Mount Carmel.

Stephen A. Engle, Maryellen Stank-Engle, David E. Engle, Lisa A. Engle, Crystal A. Engle to Crystal A. Engle, property in Sunbury.

David P. Wynn to Ivan F. and Victoria L. King, property in Lower Mahanoy Township, $250,000.

Heather Anderson to Nelson R. Madrid Irias, Mario J. Madrid Irias, property in Coal Township, $25,000.

James R. Bubb Jr., Jerry A. Bubb, Julie L. Bubb to Pamela J. Hollenbach, property in Sunbury.

Hand Up Foundation to Troy D. and Nicole L. Long, property in Milton, $172,500.

Susan M. and Shawn J. Matukaitis, Susan Rossi to Susan Rossi, property in Mount Carmel.

Shawn J. and Susan M. Matukaitis, Susan Rossi to Susan Rossi, property in Mount Carmel.

Tammy L. Dormer Nazik, Ahmed Nazik to Tammy L. Dormer Nazih, property in Coal Township.

Ronald M. Roseman, Many Leang to Robert Gomez, property in Mount Carmel, $16,000.

Leonard V. Jr. and Donna M. Shuder, Kenneth and Gina Wetzel, Gina Webb to Adam Watkins, property in Ralpho Township, $30,000.

Robert J. and Dawn K. Moore to Robert J. and Kim M. Moore, property in Riverside.

Shayka Properties LLC to Steven L. and Joanna Katz, property in Shamokin, $20,000.

Linda Lesher, Heather Lesher to Damien Cerklewski, property in Coal Township.

Daniel O. and Lydia K. Smucker to Elmer Lee Stoltzfus, property in Upper Mahanoy Township.


Fleta A. Holtzapple, Irene D. Morris, Irene D. Assad, Fleta A. Holtzapple Living Trust, Alice F. Heiser, Galen L. Holtzapple, Linda L. Sprenkel to Holtzapple Estates LLC, property in Penn Township.

Robert C. and Susan R. Ensinger, Stacie L. and Frederick J. Hetrick Jr. to Robert C. and Susan R. Ensinger, Stacie L. Hetrick, property in Monroe Township.

Henry C. and Elizabeth D. Yoder to Ruth E. Yoder, property in West Beaver Township.

Stuart R. and Amy K. Zeiders to Emily S. Miller property in Selinsgrove.

Coleen P. Zoller to Rhonda J. Hikes, property in Selinsgrove.

Carol A. Transue to Cory and Maggie Brown, property in Spring Township.

Eastern Communities Limited Partnership, Fine Line Homes Inc. to Bruce C. and Patricia A. Bowman, property in Monroe Township.

Sheriff of Snyder County for Brian E. Kerstetter to Duke Properties 2017 LLC, property in Perry Township, $97,000.

Richard E. and Betty E. Weller to Andrew R. and Corinda J. Snook, property in Washington Township.

Irene D. Morris, Irene D. Assad, Fleta Arlene Holtzapple, Fleta A. Holtzapple Living Trust, Alice F. Heiser, Galen L. Holtzapple, Linda L. Sprenkel to Greg A. and Leslie A. Holtzapple, property in Penn Township.

Sylvan B. and Elizabeth A. Martin to Sylvan B. Martin, property in Union Township.

Autumn J. Linn, Autumn J. Geiswite to Aaron J. Jordan, property in Monroe Township.

Fleta A. Holtzapple, Irene D. Morris, Irene D. Assad, Fleta A. Holtzapple Living Trust, Alice F. Heiser, Galen L. Holtzapple, Linda L. Sprenkel to Irene D. Morris, Aaron W. Assad, property in Penn Township, $437,734.

Leanna K. Phillips to Katherine Sims, property in Center Township.

Jeffrey W. Kerstetter to Charlene Cuddy, Tara Cuddy, property in Jackson Township.

Mary L. and Mark A. Hockenbroch, Trisha A. Womer, Kelly R. Hoover to Shane C. and Bethany A. Dressler, property in Perry Township.

James L. and Nancy D. Tracy to William M. Young, property in Monroe Township, $265,000.

Donna J. Kahle to Jeffrey W. and Justine E. Huss, property in Monroe Township.

Brian and Cynthia Galliher, Karen L. and Robert W. Brouse, James and Ginger Galliher to Stephen L. and Stephanie R. Miller, property in Beaver Township.

Susan E. and Bradley C. Yerger to Tina Auman, Adam Yerger, Glendon Yerger, Megan Yerger, property in Middlecreek Township.

Kevin A. Nickler to Kyle Nickler, property in Penn Township, $171,250.

Myra L. and Thomas R. Deitrich, Paul R. Smith, E. Sharon Smith, Gordon E. Smith to Braden A. and Jayme L. Klingler, property in Penn Township.

Cindy L. Moyer to Cindy L. Moyer, James K. Boyer Jr., property in Middleburg.

Mark L. Nolder, Deborah Nolder, Stephen E. Nolder, Sandra G. Arbogast, Steve Arbogast, Gary L. Nolder to Joseph P. and Amy L. Moroski, property in Monroe Township.

Lynn C. Langley to Michelle R. Purcell, property in Penn Township.

William Wilkinson, Katelyn Reynolds to Derwin R. and Christy A. Seibel, property in Washington Township, $442,500.

William E. Cook, Ruth E. Hilliard, Amie Hackenberg to Christopher and Ruth E. Hilliard, property in Franklin Township.


Matthew M. and Shelah J. Nolt to Chadwick B. and Ivy D. Miller, property in White Deer Township.

Eric J. Furner, Stacy L. Furner Reibsome, guardian; Amy L. Dunkelberger, guardian; Stacy L. Furner Reibsome, Amy L. Furner Dunkelberger to Rhonda and Loren C. Prutzman, property in Lewis Township.

Jeffrey Blair Dunkle, Karen M. Guay Dunkle, Melissa U. Dunkle to Jeffrey Blair and Melissa Un Dunkle, property in Hartley Township, $15,000.

Robert M. Rowe to Lewis Ray and Amy Elizabeth Hoover, property in Lewis Township.

Brandon W. and Ellice C.E. Fullam Moore to Brandon W. and Ellice C.E.F. Moore, property in Mifflinburg.

James L. and Mary Jane Baylor to James L. and Mary J. Baylor, Karen S. Bower, Amy J. Stevenson, Brandi L. Repaci, trustees; Baylor Irrev Residential & Income Asset Pro, property in Kelly Township.

Sandra L. Keister to Aldi Inc, property in Kelly Township, $900,000.

Levi M. and Christie L. Hunter, Christie L. Brosius to Christie L. Brosius, property in Mifflinburg.

Aaron M. and Ashley R. Boop to Tioga Co Realty LLC, property in Mifflinburg.

Dean A. Koch estate, Deana Arnold, administratrix to Judy M. Stahl, property in Buffalo Township.

Jason M. Books to Jason M. Books, trustee, Jason M. Books Living Trust, property in White Deer Township.

Carole J. Jacka to Donald Metzler, property in Mifflinburg.

Larry A. Miller estate, Larry A. Miller, Debra M. Gutelius, Teresa Saylor and Scott W. Miller, administrators to Josh and Courtney Geibel, property in White Deer Township, $176,000.

Charles W. Katherman Jr., Mary L. Katherman, by agent; Gregory Alan Katherman, agent to Tina M. Hall, Shaun M. Boyer, property in Mifflinburg.

Matthew J. and Melanie A. Oliveri to Old Town Apartments LLC, property in Mifflinburg.

Lannie E. Shaffer to 44 Market LLC, Forty Four Market LLC, two properties in Lewisburg.

Chester E. James II to Matthew J. Moon, Chichun E. Sun, property in East Buffalo Township.

Russell L. and Cynthia J. Lloyd to Brenda L. Brouse, property in White Deer Township.

Robert E. and Elna Williamson to Elna Williamson, property in White Deer Township.

Maggi M. Parker to Chase Hummel, property in Lewisburg.

Angelo Mark Papalia to Robert Lee and Sherri Lee Lipski, property in East Buffalo Township.

Scott A. Fisher to Craig A. Bennett, property in Lewisburg.

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