A more thoughtful man than I once observed that if you tell a story often enough, people will begin to believe it. I am reminded of that axiom every time I read or hear someone issuing dire predictions about the future of this planet of ours when the full fury of carbon-inspired global warming hits.

Anyone who agrees with our Nobel Prize-winning ex-vice president, the Sierra Club, the Union of Concerned Scientists, or any of the other ultra-green groups are accorded status of Solomons of vast knowledge and wisdom.

Meanwhile, those of us who dare to question the extent of that wisdom, as well as the motives of the Solomons, are derided as ignorant reactionaries, and worse. I don't claim to be that great of a scientist, just a man capable of rational thought and possessing a decent education. But then, there is John Coleman, who started the Weather Channel and announces for all to hear that global warming is grossly overblown, and that blaming carbon for global warming is pure scam! I am satisfied that he knows whereof he speaks.

Phillip Miller,


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