By Francis Scarcella

The Daily Item

WATSONTOWN -- About 64 local children ranging in age from 4 to 12 are staring in a holiday musical that will not only keep you entertained but teach a valuable lesson.


The Revival Tabernacle Church, in Watsontown, will be hosting "It's A Wonder-Full Life!" on Saturday and Sunday and Pastor Jill Bond, director, said it's something everything should see.

"This is a message of love and learning the true meaning of Christmas," Bond said. "I think this time of the year is when people get wrapped up in the shopping and the stress of the holidays instead of actually feeling the meaning of the holiday."

The musical is about a boy who has forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. "Foster," played by Romeo Mong, of Milton, is quite surprised when a mysterious janitor "Tucker," played by Dave Feidler, appears and gives Foster his wish.

Without giving out too many details, Bond said the wish is for no more Christmas.

"Come enjoy an evening, as the children have rediscovered the true meaning of Christmas," she added.

"With the children singing and dancing, people be sure to be delighted with the true meaning of Christmas and that it's not about us, it is about Jesus."

Children began practicing for the 45-minute musical in September and have been rehearsing twice a week since, Bond said. "These guys have been studying and learning their lines for about four hours a week and recently we have increased rehearsals to about 10 hours a week," she said.

"I have to thank all the parents for taking the time to drive the children here because they have been faithfully coming and I think it shows how important this is to them."

The musical is open to the public and is free of charge. "We wanted to just get the message out there," Bond said. "This is important because we want everyone to come out and watch what these children can do."

The show was created by Pam Andrews and Luke Gambill and arranged by John DeVries, "I have an incredible team of lighting, sound and stage crew. My assistant director, Mary Burrell, and helper Christy Mong have been so valuable to make this happen. Special thanks to Wenrick's Construction for building the manger set and to Bucknell University Theater Department's Heath Hanson for loaning us the spot light. With community working together, it is sure to be wonderful."

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