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Please fill out the below form to contact us regarding advertising in The Daily Item, The Weekly Item, The Danville News, Inside Pennsylvania Magazine and online at
Please read our Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How can I advertise with The Daily Item and/or
  2. In Advertising Sales, Jessica Plehn can help with that; email

  3. How do I place a classified or legal ad?
  4. To speak to a classified representative call: 570-988-5363 or email:

  5. Where do I send press releases?
  6. Please send information to:

  7. Who do I talk to about the bill for my ad?
  8. The best way is to contact the Sales Representative that helped with the ad or call 570-286-5671 and ask for the Sales Representative for your town.  

  9. How do I get my event or announcement listed in The Daily Item and/or on
  10. In Advertising Sales, Jessica Plehn can help with that; email

  11. Where can I download The Daily Item’s app?
  12. The iPhone app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Android version can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Or click here for links to download

  13. How do I start a Daily Item print or digital subscription?
  14. Give Brian in our Circulation department a call at 570-988-5464 or email

  15. How can I place a memorial/card of thanks or birthday?
  16. The Classified department can help with that, call: 570-988-5363 or email:

  17. What is your coverage area?
  18. Click here for a map of our coverage area!

  19. Who do I call if I don’t receive my paper?
  20. Call our Circulation Department at 570-286-5755 or 1-800-326-9608

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