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DANVILLE — Brenna Ross won two events on the girls side, while Ryan and Kaleb Hause each won two events on the boys side as Danville used its superior depth to sweep a boys and girls swimming meet from Lewisburg at the Danville Area Community Center.

The girls won 113-64, while the boys won 85-46.

Ross won the 50 freestyle (25.40) and 100 breastroke (1:09.83).

Delaney Humphrey and Kim Shannon each won two events for the Green Dragons (1-1).

In the boys meet, Ryan Hause won the 200 individual medley (2:13.54) and 100 butterfly (57.64). Kaleb Hause won the 100 backstroke (53.32) and 50 freestyle (22.29).


Danville 113, Lewisburg 64

200 medley relay: Danville (Alivia Shen, Brenna Ross, Coyla Bartholomew, Caroline Spahr), 1:56.68; 200 freestyle: Delaney Humphrey (Lew), 2:10.68; Victoria Bartholomew (Dan); Valeria Riley (Lew); 200 individual medley: Kim Shannon (Lew), 2:17.87; Shen (Dan); Hannah Bartholomew (Dan); 50 freestyle: Brenna Ross (Dan), 25.40; Jewels Hepner (Lew); Abby Thomas (Dan); Diving: Gabby Hackett (Dan), 213.8; Lilia Oldfield (Dan); 100 butterfly: Hannah Bartholomew (Dan), 1:06.8; Hepner (Lew); Zoe Zola (Dan); 100 freestyle: Coyla Bartholomew (Dan), 56.75; Alexandra Decker (Lew); Joy Zhang (Dan); 500 freestyle: Delaney Humphrey (Lew), 5:39.24; Caroline Spahr (Dan); Victoria Bartholomew (Dan); 200 freestyle relay: Dan (Coyla Bartholomew, Shen, Ross, Spahr), 1:50.07; 100 backstroke: Shannon (Lew), 1:04.02; Delaney Bloom (Dan); Abby Thomas (Dan); 100 breaststroke: Ross (Dan), 1:09.83; Decker (Lew); Riley (Lew); 400 freestyle relay: Dan (Shen, Zola, Spahr, Coyla Bartholomew), 3:53.78.


Danville 85, Lewisburg 46

200 medley relay: Dan (Kaleb Hause, Nick DelGrotto, Ryan Hause, Liam Liotta), 1:50.8; 200 freestyle: Mason Ordonez (Lew), 2:00.5; Holden Dent (Dan); Liotta (Dan); 200 individual medley: R. Hause (Dan), 2:13.54; 50 freestyle: K. Hause (Dan) 22.29; Braden Davis (Lew); Kieran Davis (Lew); Diving: Renzo Yuasa (Dan), 176.6; 100 butterfly: R. Hause (Dan), 57.64; Mitchell Malusis (Lew); 100 freestyle: Liotta (Dan), 58.92; DelGrotto (Dan); K. Davis (Lew); 500 freestyle: Malusis (Lew), 6:01.56; Dent (Dan); 200 freestyle relay: Lew (B. Davis, Ordonez, K. Davis, Malusis), 1:45.55; 100 backstroke: K. Hause (Dan), 53.32; Ordonez; 100 breaststroke: DelGrotto (Dan), 1:15.36; B. Davis (Lew); 400 freestyle: Dan (Liotta, Dent, R. Hause, K. Hause), 3:53.6.

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