TURBOTVILLE — Lewisburg junior Jacob Hess knew he had to alter his strategy Thursday for the District 4 Class 2A boys cross-country championship race due to the driving rain.

“My strategy normally would be to take it out fast, and pound that front half,” Hess said. “That’s still kind of what I did. Where usually I would looking for the most direct route — finding diagonals, the inside of curves — today I kind of looked at more, ‘This terrain isn’t good. This spot has better footing.’”

While Hess’ time wasn’t near his best, he still won his second straight district title in 16:17, and led the Green Dragons to their third consecutive team title.

“Even though the weather wasn’t great, the course was still kind of fast,” Hess said.

Lewisburg senior Calvin Bailey said the team wanted to better its score from last season, and the Green Dragons did just that. After winning the 2019 title with 30 points, Lewisburg put five runners in the top 10 to finish with 29 points. Bailey was fourth, Thomas Hess fifth, Gianluca Perrone ninth and Bryce Ryder 10th.

“Honestly, as a team we just love the rain,” Bailey said. “We love being out here running. We love the sport. It’s a great time.”

In addition to the Green Dragons qualifying for states as a team, five other District 4 Class 2A runners earned state berths — Danville’s Rory Lieberman and Nick Krohn; Milton’s Timothy Marvin and Brody Bender; and Warrior Run’s Caden Dufrene.

Lieberman, a sophomore, finished as the district runner-up in 16:29.

“I’m so happy with my race,” Lieberman said. “For these conditions, I had a great time. I went out strong and I held second the whole time.”

Lieberman said the weather and course conditions weren’t as bad as he was expecting.

“I thought it was going to have more of an effect,” Lieberman said. “I thought it was going to be way slower. I got a good pace, and it didn’t affect me too, too much.”

Now, Lieberman is preparing for his second state tournament in as many seasons.

“I was disappointed at the beginning of the season because I didn’t know if we were going to have states,” Lieberman said. “Then when I heard there was going to be states, I knew I had to make it. It’s going to be so fun next week.”

Krohn was eighth in 17:28.

Marvin and Bender finished sixth and seventh for the Black Panthers in 17:15 and 17:21, respectively.

“It was crazy,” Marvin said. “The footing was terrible, but that’s to be expected, and I was running with people I haven’t run with all year.”

Marvin, a junior, said he ran a bit recklessly as he improved greatly on his 25th-place finish at districts in 2019.

“I wanted to get out hard, and on downhills you’ve got to run fast and don’t really be careful,” Marvin said. “You’ve just got to be crazy.”

Dufrene led the host Defenders with a third-place finish in 16:54.



at Warrior Run High School

Class A

Team standings

1. Hughesville* (H) 31; 2. Wyalusing (W) 63; 3. Bloomsburg (B) 109; 4. South Williamsport (SW) 119; 5. Southern Columbia (SC) 128; 6. Towanda (Tow) 129; 7. Troy (Tr) 137; 8. Northeast Bradford (NEB) 181.

Individual results (top 10 and Valley scorers)

1. Hunter Foust* (H) 16:48; 2. Evan Laudenslager* (SW) 17:06; 3. Zion Laudermilch* (W) 17:11; 4. Morgan Gavitt* (H) 17:17; 5. Justin Hiduk* (W) 17:21; 6. Port Habalar* (SW) 17:38; 7. Kenny Draper* (H) 17:53; 8. Logan Long* (H) 18:21; 9. Josh Woodley* (B) 18:24; 10. Eleazer Laudermilch (W) 18:41; 14. Jason Robinson (SC) 18:55; 15. Chase Derk (SC) 18:57; 28. Jaron Ferrara (SC) 19:48; 39. Chase Petro (SC) 20:28; 40. Brenden Santore (SC) 20:33.

Class 2A

Team standings

1. Lewisburg* (Lew) 21; 2. Danville (D) 74; 3. Milton (Milt) 87; 4. Warrior Run (WR) 112; 5. Athens (A) 134; 6. Mifflinburg (Miff) 189; 7. Selinsgrove (Sel) 196; 8. Loyalsock (Loy) 230; 9. Central Columbia (CC) 240; 10. Jersey Shore (JS) 270; 11. Shamokin (Sham) 285; 12. Cowanesque Valley (CV) 318; 13. Montoursville (Mont) 335.

Individual results (top 20 and Valley scorers)

1. Jacob Hess* (Lew) 16:17; 2. Rory Lieberman* (D) 16:29; 3. Caden Dufrene* (WR) 16:54; 4. Calvin Bailey* (Lew) 17:01; 5. Thomas Hess* (Lew) 17:12; 6. Timothy Marvin* (Milt) 17:15; 7. Brody Bender* (Milt) 17:21; 8. Nick Krohn* (D) 17:28; 9. Gianluca Perrone* (Lew), 17:29; 10. Bryce Ryder* (Lew) 17:33; 11. Connor Murray* (Lew) 17:39; 12. Chase Bilodeau (Milt) 17:44; 13. Connor Dahl (A) 17:46; 14. Gavin Fry (D) 17:54; 15. Kieran Murray* (Lew) 18:00; 16. Kyle Anthony (A) 18:02; 17. Dane Spahr (D) 18:04; 18. Matt Gorsline (A) 18:09; 19. Zachary Wentz (Sel) 18:12; 20. Andrew Adams (WR) 18:13; 22. Spencer Fogelman (WR) 18:18; 23. Jonah Weaver (D) 18:29; 24. Derick Blair (Sel) 18:33; 25. Jason Wood (WR) 18:34; 28. Santino Carapellucci (Sham) 18:39; 30. Ryan Bickhart (Milt) 18:43; 32. Landon Driggers (Miff) 18:47; 34. Eli Erickson (Miff) 18:47; 37. Nate Barnett (Milt) 19:04; 38. Mason Reitenbach (Sel) 19:11; 39. Liam Boyer (WR) 19:12; 42. Daniel Walter (Miff) 19:43; 49. Jarrett Lee (Sel) 19:54; 50. Daniel Reimer (Miff) 19:59; 51. Harrison Abram (Miff) 20:02; 53. Anthony Feudale (Sham) 20:19; 60. Brendan Long (Sel) 20:54; 69. Michael Stebila (Sel) 21:35; 72. Owen Amato (Sham) 21:48; 80. Jace Shipe (Sham) 23:15; 86. Brenden Rogers (Sham) 27:48.

* — state qualifier

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