Since The Daily Item felt that the issue was important enough to devote a front-page story to it, let’s take a closer look at Sunday hunting. Since a survey showed most people are against it, most of you won’t like what I have to say, but somebody has to give the other side of the issue. I’ve often stated that most of the arguments against Sunday hunting can be easily shot down. I’ll take them oneby- one, and do just that.

Argument No. 1: “Sunday should be reserved for going to church services.” Depending on your religion, your Sabbath day might be another day of the week; are we going to make hunting illegal on those other days too? Besides, if Sunday hunting were legal, the people who attend services would likely still attend.

Argument No. 2: “The game needs a break.” This is wrong on so many levels, I don’t know where to start.

Giving game animals one day a week off doesn’t make any difference to the animals at all.

Do people actually think that animals that have been chased for months on end are going to think, “Hey, it’s Sunday, we can go back to our regular routine today.” Sorry, animals aren’t human and don’t have our reasoning ability.

The longer and longer seasons have much more impact on throwing game animals off their regular routines than allowing Sunday hunting would, and I don’t hear much clamoring for shortening the seasons.

If you’re still convinced that the game needs a day of rest, let’s give them Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

Argument No. 3: “Landowners need a day off from having hunters on their properties, and will post their land if Sunday hunting is allowed.” Those landowners could very easily post their land against Sunday hunting. I’d bet the Pennsylvania Game Commission would even provide the posters.

Argument No. 4: “People like to use the state game lands for other uses; they need one day a week during the hunting seasons to bike, hike, ride horses.” Sorry, hunters paid for the state game lands with their license money, and their needs come first. If you treat us real nice maybe we’ll let you have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. But you work on those days, you say? So do most hunters, and you’re OK with keeping them off the game lands on one of the few days they don’t work and could hunt. You’re more than welcome to find some land that is posted against Sunday hunting and ask permission to pursue your passion there.

The state could even designate parts of the state forest system as non-Sunday-hunting areas.

You could then use those without fear of being shot, (which is a much overblown fear, in my opinion.) I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, legalizing Sunday hunting wouldn’t affect me personally much at all. I’m lucky enough to be retired and can hunt on any day I choose.

I probably wouldn’t even hunt on Sundays, as there’s likely to be fewer people in the woods during the week. I’m also very much in favor of varied uses of our outdoor resources. I’m not anti-hiking, birdwatching, mountain biking, snowmobiling or horse riding. However, in my opinion, the Sunday hunting ban simply makes no sense. It’s allowed most everywhere else, and where it’s not, it probably soon will be. I just happen to think it makes a lot of sense here, too.

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