We're tackling a formidable project for a December 1 run date, examining the greatest high football teams in the area's history.

This is a byproduct of the Southern Columbia Tigers' outstanding season, and what coach Jim Roth has called a once-in-a-generation team.

Here's a staggering note that sums up Southern's success pretty well: The Tigers' opponents have a combined 100-58 record entering tonight's game with Upper Dauphin. They have outscored those teams 701-26.

Other teams under consideration among the area's greatest include the 2009 Selinsgrove state title team, as well as the Southern Columbia teams of Henry Hynoski and Josh Marks, along with the Tigers' first state championship team in 1994.

The Mount Carmel team of 1969 — with nine Division I football players — might be the closest thing to this Tigers' team. And can't forget the 1965 Shikellamy Braves, who finished undefeated and won the school's first Eastern Conference title.

Anyway, we are looking for more candidates over the next couple of days. If you'd like, send suggestions to thummel@dailyitem.com or bbowman@dailyitem.com.

Go as far back as you'd like. I'm sure we are forgetting some great Coal Township teams or Mahanoy Joint football squads before most of the jointures formed in this area.


With only Southern Columbia left in the state playoffs, football season is wrapping up in the Valley.

I just wanted to say I was a little sad last Saturday at the end of the Millersburg-Muncy game, realizing the Indians would never play another high school football game.

However, one of things that was brought up to me was how much some of those Millersburg players endured. It's those things that really stuck out to me.

Throughout the game, I had people ask me on social media how a 3-8 team made the state playoffs. It's perfectly legitimate question.

I'm willing to make an exception for these Indians on this point alone — the kids who suffered though a 30-game losing streak deserved to play in that district championship game against Fairfield and won the gold medal.

This generation gets made fun of for not working hard and other such things, but anybody that goes through that kind of losing streak, comes to practice for four years, etc., deserves what it earns.

As Aidan Harman said after the game, nobody in that school district will ever forget the last Millersburg football team.

Few will remember they won just three games, but they will remember the district championship.

Todd Hummel covers high school football for The Daily Item. Email him at thummel@dailyitem.com.

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