SELINSGROVE — After seeing a pandemic wipe out his junior season when all sports were cancelled, Nolan Reynolds was champing at the bit to make an impact in his final opportunity.

The Shikellamy senior middle-distance runner was one of several Braves who had key performances Tuesday to help the visitors topple Selinsgrove 90-60 in the season-opener for the Heartland Athletic Conference Division I boys track and field season at Harold L. Bolig Memorial Field.

On the girls’ side, first-year Selinsgrove coach Mike Stebila led the Seals to a 105-45 victory over the Braves.

“This is a heck of a start to the season,” said Reynolds, who ran the lead leg in the Braves’ winning 4x800-meter reIay (8:56.2) and the 800 meters (2:12.66).

“It was kind of tough not having the training last year, and I feel like I would have run pretty good last year. So this year, I’ve just gotta give it my all,” he said.

“I’m proud of these guys. For some of these guys, it was the first time ever getting on the track,” he said.

He was also elated to beat rival Selinsgrove for the fourth season in a row after the Seals had beaten the Braves 52 in a row before that.

“Now I’m hoping we can 52-0 them the next 48 years,” Reynolds added.

He said he expected the 1,600 meters to be tough, with Selinsgrove’s Owen Magee in the mix but he said, “I just gave it my all and if I beat them, I beat him, and if I lost, I lost.”

Nick Koontz, Ryan Williams and Tim Gale did the rest of the work for the Braves’ winning 4x800.

Shikellamy coach Jonny Evans cited the performances of senior Cameron Cowder as another key to the victory for the Braves (3-0, 1-0).

Cowder won the high (5-foot-8) and long jumps (20-4 1/2), ran a leg of the winning 4x100 with Joniel Bruno, Chase Morgan and Isaac Shaeffer-Neitz, and took second in the pole vault.

In addition, Morgan, a first-year sophomore, won the 100 (12.16) and 200 (24.64) and took second in the 300 intermediate hurdles.

“We were down a sprinter and a hurdler, and so Chase Morgan really stepped up in a big way and put the team on his back,” Evans said. “I’m really proud of him.’’

He added that Cowder’s performances along with wins by Paul Snyder in the 1,600 and 3,200 “really helped pull us through today and pick up some slack for some areas we were still a little bit timid in the early going.”

“We were blessed with the opportunity to compete again,” Evans said.

Selinsgrove coach Brian Catherman said that, with the loss of a season, “this was the toughest meet of my whole career to try to plan for.”

He said he looked at past results for Shikellamy sophomores and what his main sophomores did two years ago.

“This was our first meet as a team and they all ran well,” he said. “To put some of these younger kids in a situation like this is tough.”

He said the team did well, but the Braves had outstanding performances in the distance events and that helped carry them.

For the Seals (0-1, 0-1), senior Cole Catherman won both hurdles races (15.96 in the 100 high hurdles, 43.01 in the intermediates), and anchored the winning 4x400 with Clint Rowe, Matt Gilfert and Evan Pickering.


The Stebila family had an outstanding day as not only did Mike get a win in his first meet as coach, but his daughter, senior Madison Stebila, showed no signs of rust from a year off, winning all three of her events.

Stebila took the high jump in 5-2, the long jump in 15-6 ½, and the triple jump in 34-3.

“I was really excited to make up for two years in one week, and I’ve been training real hard,” she said. “I think our whole team wants to win another district title. It’s very exciting to finally be able to see what other schools had to offer.’’

Coach Stebila said, “The girls performed fantastic, and it was nice to get past the training and actually compete.”

Selinsgrove won all three relays. Breia Mayes, Lexi Felty, Shaela Kruskie and Zoe Tomko opened the meet with a win in the 4x800 in 10:34.6. Analise Bond, Carly Aument, Leah Toskey and Cierra Adams won the 4x100 in 53.85. The Seals wrapped up the track events by taking the 4x400 in 4:35.4 with a team of Mary-Rose Molina-Shuman, Abby Parise, Lilian Poust and Tomko.

Double-event winners for the Seals (1-0, 1-0) were freshman Parise, who won both hurdles (18.01 in the 100 and 51.47 in the 300), and senior Kyleigh Elsayed, shot put (34-5) and discus (116-8 ½).

The Braves of first-year coach Mike Farronato had a double winner in junior Alyssa Keeley (1,600 in 5:49.37; and 800, 2:31.22).


Shikellamy 90, Selinsgrove 60

4x800R:1. Shik (Nolan Reynolds, Nick Koontz, Ryan Williams, Tim Gale), 8:56.2; 110H: 1. Cole Catherman (Sel), 15.96; 2. Mason Brubaker (Shik), 18.62; 3. Dylan Wagner (Sel), 19.6; 100: 1. Chase Morgan (Shik), 12.16; 2. Clint Rowe (Sel), 12.37; 3. Joniel Bruno (Shik), 12.59; 1,600: 1. Paul Snyder (Shik), 4:54.31; 2. Micah Zellers (Shik), 4:57.42; 3. Owen Magee (Sel), 5:01.46; 4x100: 1. Shik (J. Bruno, Morgan, Cam Cowder, Isaac Shaeffer-Neitz), 46.17; 400: 1. Clint Rowe (Sel), 53.4; 2. Tim Gale (Shik), 53.5; 3. Donovan Goundie (Sel), 56.71; 300IH: 1. Catherman (Sel), 43.01; 2. Gale (Shik), 53.5; 3. Goundie (Sel), 56.91; 800: 1. Reynolds (Shik), 2:12.66; 2. Evan Pickering (Sel), 2:17.01; 3. Koontz (Shik), 2:17.67; 200: 1. Morgan (Shik), 24.64; 2. Rowe (Sel), 24.81; 3. J. Bruno (Shik), 25.4; 3,200: 1. Snyder (Shik), 11:01.32; 2. Zellers (Shik), 11:10.1; 3. Magee (Sel), 11:17.09; 4x400: 1. Sel (Rowe, Matt Gilfert, Pickering, Catherman), 3:49.80; High jump: 1. Cowder (Shik), 5-8; 2. Zahki Nettles (Shik), 5-6; 3. Nathaniel Hackenberger (Sel), 5-4; Long jump: 1. Cowder (Shik), 20-4 ½; 2. Catherman (Sel), 19-8 ¼; 3. Brubaker (Shik), 19-4 ½; Triple jump: 1. Hackenberger (Sel), 38-10 ½; 2. J. Bruno (Shik), 35-4 1/12; 3. Brandon Eister (Shik), 34-8; Javelin: 1. Aiden Shay (Sel), 143-0; 2. Cael Zimmerman (Shik), 140-11; 3. Carter Young (Sel), 133-5; Shot put: 1. Dominic Parise (Sel), 41-1; 2. Vance Metzger (Sel), 40-2 ½; 3. Josh Ritter (Sel), 39-6; Discus: 1. Eric Shoch (Shik), 135-8; 2. Nathan Gessner (Shik), 115-2; 3. Josh Ritter (Sel), 104-9; Pole vault: 1. Brubaker (Shik), 13-0; 2. Cowder (Shik), 12-6; 3. Damian Hahn (Sel), 9-6.


Selinsgrove 105, Shikellamy 45

4x800R: 1. Sel, (Breia Mayes, Lexi Felty, Shaela Kruskie, Zoe Tomko), 10:34.6; 110H: 1. Abby Parise (Sel), 18:01; 2. Ava Blair (Sel), 18.53; 3. Madison Sheaffer (Shik), 18.68; 100: 1. Analise Bond (Sel), 13.92; 2. Mary-Rose Molina-Shuman (Sel), 13.92; 3. Sophia Feathers (Shik), 13.93; 1,600:; 1. Alyssa Keeley (Shik), 5:49.37; 2. Olivia Solomon (Shik), 5:53.16; 3. Mayes (Sel), 5:54.37; 4x100: 1. Sel (Bond, Carly Aument, Leah Toskey, Cierra Adams), 53.85; 400: 1. Lillian Poust (Sel), 1:04.41; 2. Molina-Shuman (Sel), 1:04.89; 3. Wiley Egan (Shik), 1:07.73; 300IH: 1. Parise (Sel), 51.47; 2. Sheaffer (Shik), 53.65; 3. Blair (Sel), 55.53; 800: 1. Keeley (Shik), 2:31.22; 2. Tomko (Sel), 2:38.03; 3. Emma Strausser (Shik), 2:54.03; 200: 1. Feathers (Shik), 28.16; 2. Poust (Sel), 28.93; 3. Asayshe Hunter (Shik), 29.96; 3,200: 1. Kruskie (Sel), 12:11.33; 2. Keeley (Shik), 12:51.44; 3. Solomon (Shik), 13:09.72; 4x400: 1. Sel (Molina-Shuman, Parise, Poust, Tomko), 4:35.4; high jump: 1. Madison Stebila (Sel), 5-2; 2. Avery Defazio (Sel), 4-6; 3. Zoe Betz (Shik), 4-6; long jump: 1. Stebila (Sel), 15-6 ½; 2. Toskey (Sel), 14-6 ½; 3. Molina-Shuman (Sel), 14-5; Triple jump: 1. Stebila (Sel), 34-3; 2. Toskey (Sel), 30-7 ½; 3. Molina-Shuman (Sel), 29-4 1/2; Javelin: 1. Emily Davis (Sel), 92-11; 2. McKenna Parker (Sel), 82-0 ½; 3. Melanie Minnier (Shik), 81-5; Shot put: 1. Kyleigh Elsayed (Sel), 116-8 ½; 2. Bussey (Shik), 29-4 ¼; 3. Brianna Massey (Shik), 26-6 ½; Discus: 1. Elsayed (Sel), 116-8 ½; 2 Bussey (Shik), 83-9 ¾; 3. Massey (Shik), 77-5 ½; Pole vault: 1. Bond (Sel), 11-0; 2. Emma Bonowicz (Shik), 9-6; 3. Cameron Hoover (Shik), 6-6.

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