CATAWISSA — Not a lot of people like snow and ice, but you can count Jerry Marks a big fan of the weather the past week.

“I really think the two snow days we had last week were truly a blessing,” the Southern Columbia wrestling coach said.  “After team states, it really allowed us to put that behind us and focus on the task at hand.”

Boy, was Southern Columbia focused.

The Tigers advanced their entire team through the District 4 Southern Sectional Saturday on the way to a first place finish and a sectional record 307 points.

The top four in each weight class from the three sections advance to the Districty 4 Class 2A tournament next Friday and Saturday at Williamsport High School.

“We thought 10 was a possibility,” said Marks. “To get all 14 through is just amazing. And to score that many team points, I am just scratching my head. It is just a testament to what these kids can do.”

The 14 wrestlers through is the first time a team had qualified every participant in sectional history.

Southern had 10 in the finals and crowned seven champions — Ian Yoder (126), Patrick Edmondson (132), Gavin Garcia (145), Cade Linn (160), Tyler Waltman (182), Gaige Garcia (195), and Lear Quinton (285).

Gaige Garcia had the quickest pin of the day in seven seconds to win his third sectional title — this one over Lewisburg’s Roman Aksenov.

Line Mountain’s Blake Wirt (106), Mifflinburg’s Gabe Gramly (113) and Jansen Houdeshell (170), Milton’s Kyler Crawford (120), Midd-West’s Avery Bassett (138), Shamokin’s Maximus Madden (152) and Lewisburg’s Dakotah Snyder (220) also won titles.

The biggest crowd explosion of the night came at 152  where Madden, a Shamokin freshman, pinned Wyatt Bassett of Midd-West in 4:14.

“It is just amazing to win a sectional title as a freshman,” said Madden. “It just showed that I can hang with these guys and beat them. I have been preparing for this moment for a long time.”

Madden will be joined at WIlliamsport next weekend by teammate Damon Backes who finished fourth at 170.

MIdd-West came in second with 199.5 points in the team race with one champion — Avery Bassett — and advancing 10 wrestlers to districts.

“I am very happy with the way we wrestled,” said Midd-West coach Dale Franquet. “To get 10 kids through is a great accomplishment. I am very proud of the way they wrestled today.”

Mount Carmel did not crown a champion but seven Red Tornado grapplers will head to the Magic Dome led by 182-pound silver medalist Shane Weidner.

“We brought 12 kids and we are getting seven through so of course I am happy,” said Mount Carmel coach Steve Pesarchik. “The kids wrestled really hard and we are on to the next step.”

Another coach that was happy was Lewisburg’s Jim Snyder, who along with his son winning a sectional title is advancing six through to next weekend at Williamsport and saw his team place fourth.

“We came in to this think that three would be OK, four would be great,” he said. “We thought five would be amazing and six we would be down right giddy. Well we are giddy and excited about next week.”

Mifflinburg, which finished third with 117.5 points, is sending five to Williamsport along with champions Gramly and Houdeshell.

“We wrestled really well,” said Mifflinburg coach Derek Reber. “Gabe and Jansen winning sectional titles are great and also give Eric Gessner credit for wrestling back at 145.”

Line Mountain only advanced four including champion Wirt to next weekend and coach Chuck Johnson was reserved about his team performance.

“I felt we had some opportunities today,” he said. “We have a lot of work ahead of us. The section was just really tough this year.”

Danville was only able to get three into next week and had no finalists. One of the bright spots for the Ironmen was Andrew Johnson, who pulled off a four-point move in the final seconds to defeat Southern Columbia’s Brady Feese 6-5 for third place at 106.


District 4 Class 2A

Southern Sectional Championships

at Southern Columbia High School

Team scoring and key: Southern (SCA), 309; Midd-West (MW), 199.5; Mifflinburg (Miff), 117.5; Lewisburg (L), 109; Mount Carmel (MCA), 108; Line Mountain (LM), 94.5; Milton (Mil), 92; Danville (D), 60; Shamokin (Sham), 47; Sugar Valley (SV), 17: Columbia-Monout Vo-Tech, 4.


120: Brayden Sarviss (D) pinned Ethan Daniels (L), 2:55

126: Logan Walters (D) pinned Aspen Moyer (SV), :36; Dario Whitmoyer (CMVT) pinned Cole Temple (L),

132: Dominic Kennedy (SV) dec. Derek Ruskin (CMVT), 9-6; Colton Taylor (Mil) pinned Lane Kahley (Miff), :35.

138: Brian Long (Sham) dec. Thomas Davitt (MCA), 8-6.

145:Gavin Garcia (SCA) pinned Caleb Dawson (CMVT), :40; Noah Berkoski (MCA) pinned Brandon Flick (SV), 1:50; Anthony Ayala (Mil) dec. Austin Ruhl (L), 11-5.

152: Tyler Winhofer (MCA) pinned Blaine Falk (SV), 2:55; Broghan Persun (L) dec. Micah Baumert (LM), 3-1.


106: Brady Feese (SCA) pinned Zane Neaus (Mil), 1:10.

113: Gabe Gramly (Miff) pinned Kevin Kinnaman (MCA), :21; Naamon Conoway (SV) pinned Wad Alleman, 2:45; Landon Hopper (D) dec. Mason Leshock, 4-2; Kole Biscoe (SC) pinned Thomas Lyons (L), 1:09.

120: Kyler Crawford (Mil) pinned Sarviss, 4:53;Aiden Steininger (MW) pinned Collin Bozza (Sham), 1:42; Troy Bingaman (Miff) maj. dec. Jake Adzema (MCA), 9-0; Garrett Krebs (SCA) pinned Coleton Eckroth (CMVT), 2:49

126: Ethan Zevan (MW) pinned Walters, 2:32; Trevor McDonald (MCA) pinned Dylan Linn (Miff), 5:30;Ian Yoder (SCA) maj. dec. Timmy Shingara (LM), 10-0; TJ Walter (Mil) pinned Whitmoyer, 2:33.

132: Zach Reed (MCA) pinned Austin Aucker (MW), 3:38; Patrick Edmondson (SCA) pinned Kennedy, :59; Justin Gessner (L) pinned Jared Dewalt (D), :56; Ian Coller (LM) pinned Taylor, 2:47.

138: Avery Bassett (MW) pinned Long, :56; Logan Bartlett (L) pinned Chase Hoffman (Mil), 3:52; Mike Miner (SCA) dec. Bryce Carl, 7-5, SV; Clayton Reed (Miff) pinned Kaeden Hendrickson, 1:09.

145: Garcia maj. dec. Eric Gessner (Miff), 8-0; Kameron Kline (MW) tech fall Berkoski, 16-1, 3:52; Griffin Smeltz (LM) tech fall Ayala, 18-1, 4:00; Evan Welliver (D) dec. Wolfgang Pearson (Sham), 7-4;

152: Wyatt Bassett (MW) pinned Persun, :56; Shane Miler (SC) pinned Jason Valladares (Mil), 3:40; Max Madden (Sham) pinned Winhofer, 1:51; Cody Rokavec (Miff) pinned Maverick Kramer (CMVT), 3:21.

160: Cade Linn (SCA) pinned Basile Delate (Sham), :59; Bruce Carl (MCA) dec. Dominic Sampsell, 12-6; Josh Rodriguez (MW) pinned Nate Scholl, 4:24; Eric Sees (D) pinned Ricky AHir (L), 2:45.

170: Jansen Houdeshell (Miff) pinned Ben Umstead (MW), 1:59; Brandon Gedman (SCA) pinned Ronnie Lentz (L), :51; Damon Backes (Sham) dec. Mike Cook (D), 7-1; Jacob Feese (LM) pinned Corwy King (SV), 1:41.

182: Tyler Waltman (SCA) pinned Aaron Strosser (L), :57; Shane Weidner (MCA) pinned Davidson Reigel (Miff), :31; Matt Dunkle (D) dec. Joe Rodriguez (MW), 3-1, SV; Dakotah Snyder (L) pinned Clay Whitmoyer (CMVT), :35; Austin Reed (MCA) pinned Quentin Doane (Miff), 1:31; Wyatt Bingaman (LM) dec. Aven Ayala (Mil), 2-1.

195: Gaige Garcia (SCA) pinned Hunter Minnig (MCA), :12; Trey Lauver (MW) pinned Bashier Tressler (SV), :13; Roman Askenov (L) pinned Deven Doane (Miff), 1:10; Zach Zerbe (D) dec. Cale King (LM), 7-2.

220:Dakotah Snyder (L) pinned Clay Whitmoyer (CMVT), :35; Austin Reed (MCA) pinned Quentin Doane (Miff), 1:31; Carter Sauer (MW) pinned Brent Mitch (Mil), 3:21; Preston Zachman (SCA) pinned Santiago Bermudez (D), :13.

285: Lear Quinton (SCA) pinned Shane Hess (Sham), :21; Grant Adams (L) pinned Colin Herb (MCA), 4:20; Owen Zechman (MW) pinned Graham Wiand (Miff), :28; Nevin Rauch (Mil) pinned Josh Weaver (SV), :20.


106: Blake Wirt (LM) pinned Feese, 1:50; Kaiden Wagner (L) dec. Andrew Johnson (D), 5-2.

113: Gramly pinned Conoway, 1:49; Biscoe pinned Hopper, 2:48.

120: Krebs dec. Steininger, 3-1, SV; Crawford dec. Bingaman, 2-0.

126: Zevan dec. McDonald, 3-1; Yoder dec. Walter,

132: Coller pinned Gessner, 1:28; Edmondson pinned Reed, 3:13.

138: Bassett pinned Bartlett, 2:35; Reed maj. dec. Miner, 9-1.

145: Garcia pinned Welliver, 2:48; Kline maj. dec. Smektz, 14-5

152: Bassett pinned Rokavec, 5:53; Madden dec. Miller, 6-3

160: Linn pinned Carl, :30; Josh Rodriguez dec. Sees, 12-11

170: Houdeshell pinned Gedman, 3:47; Feese dec. Backes, 5-0.

182: Weidner pinned Bingaman, :15; Waltman dec. Dunkle, 9-7

195: Askenov pinned Lauver, 3:51; Garcia pinned Zerbe, :51

220: Snyder dec. Reed, 13-9; Zachman pinned Sauer, :45.

285: Quinton dec. Adams, 6-0; Zechman dec. Rauch, 8-4.

Consolation quarterfinals

113: Alleman pinned Kinnaman, 1:22; Leshock maj. dec. Lyons, 9-0.

120: Sarviss dec. Adzema, 10-9; Bozza pinned Eckroth, 1:53.

126: Walters dec. Linn, 7-6; Shingara pinned Whitmoyer, 3:34

132: Taylor pinned Dewalt, 1:01; Aucker dec. Kennedy, 6-4

138: Carl pinned Hendrickson, 1:58; Hoffman dec. Long, 9-5

145: Gessner dec. Pearson, 6-1; Berkoski maj. dec. Ayala, 15-2

152: Valladares pinned Winhofer, 3:32; Persun dec. Kramer, 5-2

160: Sampsell pinned Delate, 1:52; Scholl dec. Ahir, 6-2.

170: Umstead pinned Lentz, 2:49; Cook pinned King, 2:54.

182: Joe Rodrgiuez pinned Strosser, :27; Ayala pinned Reigle, 1:15.

195: King pinned Minnig, 2:00; Tressler dec. Doane, 9-2

220: Doane pinned Whitmoyer, :22; Mitch pinned Bermudez, 1:31

285: Herb pinned Hess, :21; Wiand pinned Weaver, 1:45.

Consolation semifinals

106: Johnson maj. dec. Neaus, 14-5.

113: Hopper pinned Alleman, 2:06; Leshock pinned Conoway, 4:04.

120: Steininger maj. dec. Sarviss, 13-0; Bingaman pinned Bozza, 2:00.

126: McDonald maj. dec. Shingara, 9-0; Walter pinned Walters, :54

132: Reed pinned Taylor, 4:40; Gessner pinned Aucker, 1:38

138: Bartlett dec. Carl, 4-0; Miner pinned Hoffman, 4:09

145: Gessner dec. Smeltz, 11-4; Berkoski dec. Welliver, 8-5.

152: Miller pinned Persun, :34; Valladares pinned Rokavec, 4:27.

160: Sampsell dec. Sees, 9-4; Carl pinned Scholl, :33.

170: Backes pinned Umstead, 1:37; Gedman maj. dec. Cook, 15-3.

182: Rodriguez maj. dec. Bingaman, 12-1; Dunkle pinned Ayala, 1:27

195: Lauver pinned King, :24; Tressler pinned Zerbe, 2:54

220: Sauer (MW) pinned Doane, :20; Reed pinned Mitch, 1:48

285: Rauch pinned Herb, 1:21; Adams won by forfeit.


106: Johnson dec. Feese, 6-5

113: Leshock dec. Hopper, 11-4

120: Steininger dec. Bingaman, 4-0

126: Walter pinned McDonald, 1:36

132: Reed dec. Gessner, 7-3

138: Miner dec. Bartlett, 6-0

145: Gessner tech fall Berkoski, 15-0, 3:24.

152: Miller pinned Valladares, 3:47

160: Carl pinned Sampsell, 2:44

170: Gedman pinned Backes, 3:12

182: Rodriguez dec. Dunkle, 6-3

195: Lauver pinned Tressler, 1:30.

220: Sauer won by injury default over Reed, :50



106: Wirt dec. Wagner, 5-2

113: Gramly dec. Biscoe, 5-0

120: Crawford dec. Krebs, 9-2

126: Yoder maj. dec. Zevan, 14-2

132: Edmondson pinned Coller, 2:30

138: Bassett dec. Reed, 6-0

145: Garcia pinned Kline, 3:05

152: Madden pinned Bassett, 4:14.

160: Linn dec. Rodriguez, 5-2

170: Houdeshell dec. Feese, 6-4

182: Waltman dec. Weidner, 11-4

195: Garcia pinned Aksenov, :07

220: Snyder dec. Zachman, 2-1

285: Quinton pinned Zechman, 3:05


n Central Sectional

HUGHESVILLE — Noah Hunt won the 120-pound title and Warrior Run will send four other wrestlers to next week’s District 4 Tournament after the Central Sectional at Hughesville High School.

Hunt beat Broc Lutz of Montoursville 11-5 at 120 pounds.

Kaden Majcher (106), Landon Kurtz (113), Nathan Michael (138) and Samuel Crawford (160) will also advance for the Defenders.

Gable Crebs — the son of Lycoming coach and Lewisburg High graduate Roger Crebs — beat Jack Schecterley of Central Columbia, 9-0, to win the 190 pound title for his 100th career victory. Crebs’ other son, Cael, won the 152-pound title.




Team standings and key: 1, Muncy, Mu, 187.5; 2, Montoursville, Mt, 158; 3, Central Columbia, CC, 156; 4, Benton, Be, 92.5; 5, Hughesville, Hu, 88.5; 6, Warrior Run, WR, 74; 7, South Williamsport, SW, 70; 8, Montgomery, Mg, 58.5; 9, Bloomsburg, Bl, 26; 10, Loyalsock, Lo, 11.


106: Mason Yorty, CC, pinned Alex Maiorana, Mu, 2:44.

145: Damein Moser, WR, pinned Aaron Williams, Bl, 1:49.

152: Grady Miller, WR, maj. dec. Brennan Bair, Lo, 17-5.

195: Teagan Benner, Be pinned Jake Freeman, Bl, 3:27.


106: Bobby Gardner, SW, pinned Mason Yorty, CC, 2:32; Kayden Frame, Mt, dec. Kaiden Majcher, WR, 8-7; Blake Snyder, Mg, dec. Jake Leonardo, Bl, 5-2; Zach Kremer, Be, maj. dec. Hunter Foust, Hu, 13-5.

113: Gable Strickland, Be, bye; Morgan Gavitt, Hu, dec. Marcus Long, CC, 5-3, sv; Xan Oberheim, Mt, maj. dec. Landan Kurtz, WR, 10-1; Chase Crawley, Mu, pinned David Klingerman, Bl, :32.

120: Noah Hunt, WR, bye; Grady Oden, Mu, dec. Mason Smith, Be, 4-0; Hunter Leet, Mg, maj. dec. Jacob Gray, Hu, 11-2; Broc Lutz, Mt, pinned Patrick O’Connell, CC, :19.

126: Bryce Vollman, Mu, pinned Hunter Rovenolt, WR, 1:57; Kai Felix, Mg, dec. Lucas Sherwood, Mt, 2-0; Caden Temple, Be, pinned Israel Noltee, SW, 1:11; Ben Heinrich, Hu, pinned Ihor Marchenko, CC, :55.

132: Devon Deem, Mg, pinned Dominica Daugherty, Mt, 1:49; Logan Witmer, WR, pinned Brenden Knight, Hu, 1:56; Landon Lorson, SW, pinned Dalton Watt, Bl, :55; Isaac Kester, CC, pinned Brandon Shearer, Lo, 5:49.

138: Mario Barberio, Mu, bye; Nathan Michael, WR, pinned Wyatt Dewald, Mt, 2:33; Gabe Waltman, CC, pinned Jordan Ortiz, Lo, :40; Luke Gorg, Hu, bye.

145: Christian Good, Mu, pinned Damein Moser, WR, 1:13; Caleb Dixon, Hu, dec. Colby Puderbach, Mg, 8-7; Nate Snyder, CC, pinned Jake Dinges, Mt, 1:44; Lane Lusk, SW, maj. dec. Michael Mason, Be, 14-2.

152: Coleman Good, Mu, pinned Grady Miller, WR, :47; Troy Johnson, CC, maj. dec. Spencer Marquardt, SW, 12-4; Cael Crebs, Mt, pinned Kaide Drick, Mg, 2:40; Nolan Lear, Be, pinned Justin Whitmoyer, Hu, 2:45.

160: Jacob Busch, CC, bye; Caleb Moser, Mt, dec. Dylan Farnsworth, Hu, 8-7; Sam Crawford, WR, bye; Ty Nixon, Mu, bye.

170: Dylan Bennett, Mt, pinned Jackson Welliver, WR, 1:51; Ethan Gush, Mu, tech. fall Kaleb Michael, Be, 15-0, 4:56; Isaac Gensemer, CC, pinned Ben Marino, Mg, 5:35; Jake Mattive, Bl, pinned Beau Draper, Hu, 2:25.

182: Mike Kustanbauter, Mu, bye; Nick Maris, Hu, dec. Dylan Devlin, CC, 15-10; Gavin Livermore, Mt, pinned Sam Hostrander, SW, 4:29; Gabe Wright, Mg, dec. David Gearhart, WR, 4-2, UTB.

195: Gable Crebs, Mt, pinned Teagan Benner, Be, :06; Rion Withers, SW, pinned Tristen Ditzler, Mu, :40; Dan Beckley, Mg, pinned Alex Lyons, Hu,, 4:31; Jack Schechterly, CC, dec. Hoyt Bower, WR, 5-2.

220: Cameron Wood, Mt, pinned Luke Barnes, Bl, :12; Logan McWilliams, CC, dec. James Shearer, Lo, 6-2; Caleb Burkhart, Hu, tech. fall Austin Witmer, WR, 18-0, 4:21; Zach Poust, Be, dec. Donovan Diehl, Mu, 3-2.

285: Alex Eveland, CC, bye; Hunter Robbins, Hu, pinned Casey Stewart, Lo, :33; Michael Fioretti, SW, pinned Caleb Long, WR, 1:25; Cael Hembury, Mu, pinned Lane Stutzman, Mt, 2:27.


106: Kaden Majcher, WR, maj. dec. Mason Yorty, CC, 10-2; Jake Leonardo, Bl, dec. Hunter Foust, Hu, 8-5.

113: Marcus Long, CC, bye; Landan Kurtz, WR, pinned David Klingerman, Bl, 2:55.

120: Mason Smith, Be, bye; Patrick O’Connell, CC, maj. dec. Jacob Gray, Hu, 14-6.

126: Hunter Rovenolt, WR, dec. Lucas Sherwood, Mt, 9-5; Israel Noltee, SW, pinned Ihor Marchenko, CC, 2:34.

132: Brenden Knight, Hu, maj. dec. Dominica Daugherty, Mt, 13-0; Dalton Watt, Bl, pinned Brandon Shearer, Lo, 4:49.

138: Wyatt Dewald, Mt, bye; Jordan Ortiz, Lo, bye.

145: Colby Puderbach, Mg, dec. Damein Moser, WR, 10-4; Mason Michael, Be, dec. Jake Dinges, Mt, 5-0.

152: Spencer Marquardt, SW, pinned Grady Miller, WR, 2:52; Kaide Drick, Mg, dec. Justin Whitmoyer, Hu, 3-0.

160: Dylan Farnsworth, Hu, bye.

170: Jackson Welliver, WR, dec. Kaleb Michael, Be, 5-2; Beau Draper, Hu, pinned Ben Marino, Mg, 2:24.

182: Dylan Devlin, CC, bye; Sam Hostrander, SW, dec. David Gearhart, WR, 3-1, sv.

195: Tristen Ditzler, Mu, pinned Teagan Benner, Be, :40; Hoyt Bower, WR, pinned Alex Lyons, Hu, :18.

220: James Shearer, Lo, pinned Luke Barnes, Bl, 4:38; Donovan Diehl, Mu, pinned Austin Witmer, WR, 3:23.

285: Casey Stewart, Lo, bye; Lane Stutzman, Mt, dec. Caleb Long, WR, 9-5.


106: Bobby Gardner, SW, dec. Kayden Frame, Mt, 15-10, sv; Zach Kremer, Be, dec. Blake Snyder, Mg, 9-7.

113: Gable Strickland, Be, pinned Morgan Gavitt, Hu, 1:42; Chase Crawley, Mu, pinned Xan Oberheim, Mt, 1:16.

120: Noah Hunt, WR, dec. Grady Oden, Mu, 9-5; Broc Lutz, Mt, pinned Hunter Leet, Mg, :31.

126: Bryce Vollman, Mu, pinned Kai Felix, Mg, :34; Caden Temple, Be, pinned Ben Heinrich, Hu, 3:54.

132: Devon Deem, Mg, tech. fall Logan Witmer, WR, 15-0, 4:09;

138: Mario Barberio, Mu, tech. fall Nathan Michael, WR, 16-0, 4:19; Luke Gorg, Hu, dec. Gabe Waltman, CC, 6-2.

145: Christian Good, Mu, dec. Caleb Dixon, Hu, 4-3; Nate Snyder, CC, maj. dec. Lane Lusk, SW, 13-3.

152: Coleman Good, Mu, maj. dec. Troy Johnson, CC, 11-1; Cael Crebs, Mt, dec. Nolan Lear, Be, 5-1.

160: Jacob Busch, CC, pinned Caleb Moser, Mt, :43; Ty Nixon, Mu, dec. Sam Crawford, WR, 6-3

170: Dylan Bennett, Mt, dec. Ethan Gush, Mu, 4-3; Jake Mattive, Bl, dec. Isaac Gensemer, CC, 6-5.

182: Mike Kustanbauter, Mu, pinned Nick Maris, Hu, 1:11; Gavin Livermore, Mt, pinned Gabe Wright, Mg, 5:49.

195: Gable Crebs, Mt, pinned Rion Withers, SW, :58; Jack Schechterly, CC, pinned Dan Beckley, Mg, 3:21.

220: Cameron Wood, Mt, pinned Logan McWilliams, CC, :34; Zach Poust, Be, dec. Caleb Burkhart, Hu, 8-2.

285: XXXX; Cael Hembury Mu, pinned Michael Fioretti, Hu, :47.


106: Kaden Majcher, WR, dec. Blake Snyder, Mg, 10-8, sv; Kayden Frame, Mt, maj. dec. Jake Leonardo, Bl, 14-3.

113: Xan Oberheim, Mt, pinned Marcus Long, CC, 2:48; Landan Kurtz, WR, maj. dec. Morgan Gavitt, Hu, 12-2.

120: Hunter Leet, Mg, dec. Mason Smith, Be, 6-4; Grady Oden, Mu, tech. fall Patrick O’Connell, Mu, 17-1, 3:59.

126: Ben Heinrich, Hu, pinned Hunter Rovenolt, WR, 1:15; Kai Felix, Mg, pinned Israel Noltee, SW, 4:32.

132: Landon Lorson, SW, pinned Brenden Knight, Hu, :50; Dalton Watt, Bl, maj. dec. Logan Witmer, WR, 9-0.

138: Gabe Waltman, CC, pinned Wyatt Dewald, Mt, :55; Nathan Michael, WR, maj. dec. Jordan Ortiz, Lo, 13-0.

145: Colby Puderbach, Mg, dec. Lane Lusk, SW, 6-5; Caleb Dixon, Hu, pinned Mason Michael, Be, 1:46.

152: Nolan Lear, Benton, tech. fall Spencer Marquardt, SW, 15-0, 3:43; Troy Johnson, CC, dec. Kaide Drick, Mg, 5-2.

160: Sam Crawford, WR, maj. dec. Dylan Farnsworth, Hu, 15-5; Caleb Moser, Mt, bye;

170: Isaac Gensemer, CC, pinned Jackson Welliver, WR, :57; Ethan Gush, Mu, pinned Beau Draper, Hu, 1:38.

182: Dylan Devlin, CC, pinned Gabe Wright, Mg, :52; Nick Maris, Hu, dec. Sam Hostrander, SW, 6-0.

195: Dan Beckley, Mg, dec. Tristen Ditzler, Mu, 3-1; Rion Withers, SW, pinned Hoyt Bower, WR, 1:31.

220: Caleb Burkhart, Hu, maj. dec. James Shearer, Lo, 14-0; Logan McWilliams, CC, dec. Donovan Diehl, Mu, 1-0.

285: Casey Stewart, Lo, pinned Michael Fioretti, SW, 3:48; Hunter Robbins, Hu, pinned Lane Stutzman, Mt, :44.


(Both advance to District 4 tournament)

106: Kayden Frame, Mt, dec. Kaden Majcher, WR, 15-8.

113: Landan Kurtz, WR, dec. Xan Oberheim, Mt, 6-2.

120: Grady Oden, Mu, pinned Hunter Leet, Mg, 2:14.

126: Ben Heinrich, Hu, pinned Kai Felix, Mg, 3:38.

132: Landon Lorson, SW, pinned Dalton Watt, Bl, :52.

138: Gabe Waltman, CC, pinned Nathan Michael, WR, 3:20.

145: Caleb Dixon, Hu, medical forfeit Colby Puderbach, Mg.

152: Nolan Lear, Be, maj. dec. Troy Johnson, CC, 9-1.

160: Sam Crawford, WR, medical forfeit Caleb Moser, Mt.

170: Ethan Gush, Mu, dec. Isaac Gensemer, CC, 5-2.

182: Dylan Devlin, CC, dec. Nick Maris, Hu, 12-7.

195: Rion Withers, SW, dec. Dan Beckley, Mg, 4-1.

220: Caleb Burkhart, Hu, dec. Logan McWilliams, CC, 7-3.

285: Hunter Robbins, Hu, pinned Casey Stewart, Lo, 1:29.


(Both advance to District 4 tournament)

106: Bobby Gardner, SW, dec. Zach Kremer, Be, 3-2.

113: Gable Strickland, Be, pinned Chase Crawley, Mu, 3:50.

120: Noah Hunt, WR, dec. Broc Lutz, Mt, 11-5.

126: Bryce Vollman, Mu, dec. Caden Temple, Be, 1-0.

132: Isaac Kester, CC, dec. Devon Deem, Mg, 3-0.

138: Mario Barberio, Mu, dec. Luke Gorg, Hu, 5-3, sv.

145: Nate Snyder, CC, dec. Christian Good, Mu, 4-2.

152: Cael Crebs, Mt, dec. Coleman Good, Mu, 6-0.

160: Ty Nixon, Mu, dec. Jacob Busch, CC, 7-4.

170: Dylan Bennett, Mt, pinned Jake Mattive, Bl, 3:35.

182: Mike Kustanbauter, Mu, pinned Gavin Livermore, Mt, :55.

195: Gable Crebs, Mt, maj. dec. Jack Schechterly, CC, 9-0.

220: Cameron Wood, Mt, dec. Zach Poust, Be, 8-3.

285: Alex Eveland, CC, dec. Cael Hembury, Mu, 6-3.





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