Sports are back.

Well, sports are sort of back, but I’m still thrilled.

I’ve said before that sports are a huge part of my life, and that’s not just my professional life. When I get home from work — after spending eight-plus hours dealing with sports — I almost always turn on a late game. I haven’t been able to do that for nearly two months.

I’ve had fun rewatching some of my favorite games. I’ve turned on Roy Halladay’s playoff no-hitter against the Reds. I’ve rewatched Super Bowls and NBA Finals games. I’ve pulled out my old Larry Bird DVD and watched the him score 60 points against the Atlanta Hawks. As enjoyable as that’s been, it’s not the same as watching live sports.

Well, early Tuesday morning I had live sports on my television courtesy of ESPN showing an opening day game from the Korea Baseball Organization. Now, I was asleep by the end of the game, and had to watch the replay Tuesday afternoon to see that the NC Dinos defeated the Samsung Lions 4-0.

ESPN will be showing KBO games early most mornings, and replaying them early in the afternoons. I’m excited for a new league to dive into. I’ve decided — based solely on team names — that I’m cheering for the SK Wyverns this season. Either way, live baseball makes me happy.

It was a little strange to watch a game with no fans, and where the home plate umpire held a mask, but that didn’t detract much from my enjoyment.

Motorsports are about to return. Selinsgrove Speedway will host its first race of the season on Saturday. There won’t be fans, but the race will be available to watch on pay-per-view at

Next Sunday, NASCAR returns, and the series returns with a fury. NASCAR is going to hold seven races across its series in 11 days. Now, NASCAR isn’t my favorite sporting event to put on television, but at this time during the pandemic sign me up for any live contest. It will be refreshing to watch something where I don’t know who will win ahead of time.

On the local level, people have been able to get outside and golf. Now, that’s not something I can put on TV, but it’s definitely an exciting step in the right direction.

I’ve also tuned into some exhibition tennis in Germany, and UFC is returning this weekend also, so there are starting to be some options for what to watch.

Sports will be back in full force, and I can’t wait.

For now, I’ll be held over by Korean baseball and live racing at my local dirt track.

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