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Creamy. Cool. Sweet. Satisfying. I could be describing ice cream, or I could be describing custard. The truth is, they’re both very similar, and even the most serious sweet tooth among us might have trouble telling them apart in a blind taste test. Yet, they are two distinctly different froz…

If you’re craving banana bread but don’t have the patience for it to bake, look no further than banana bread pancakes. Fried in butter, drenched in maple syrup and packed with banana flavor through and through, these pancakes provide instant gratification.

Enjoy the taste of the classic cocktail, now as a cupcake. These are kid-friendly, and the perfect way to incorporate fresh summer pineapples in your desserts.

Dill pickle potato salad is the perfect sidekick to barbecue, hot dogs and just about any outdoor meal. Boiled potatoes are mixed with crunchy pickle pieces, minced onion, eggs and a creamy mustard dressing for a flavorful take on an old classic.

This time of year, I can’t get enough fruit. I like eating it fresh most of all, but I also find it impossible to pass on delicious, fruity baked goods. I came across a killer deal on strawberries at the market, so I was inspired to use some of my stash to make this strawberry muffin recipe.

Regular cheesecake has never been a dessert I wanted to eat. Sure, I’d order it at restaurants every once in a while, and it would scratch my itch for something sweet, but I usually found it too dense or too dry for my liking. At best, it was fine — definitely not memorable.

We’re all spending more time in our homes and cooking most or all of our own meals. But that doesn’t mean we want to spend more time doing dishes. That’s where one-pan meals come in. For a sheet-pan dinner that cooks quickly, has a short ingredient list and uses popular Mediterranean flavors…

After developing recipes in our test kitchen for more than two decades, we thought we knew everything there was to know about cooking potatoes. But up until a few years ago, we’d never tried braising them.

This recipe will use up as much asparagus as you want it to. Squeeze the stalks close together or line them around the outside. It’s just one way you can customize this spring-inspired dish. Don’t like goat cheese? Try ricotta, gruyere or cottage cheese. Vegan? Use vegan versions of your fav…

Here’s an easy weeknight meal you’ll master on the first try. This honey mustard garlic shrimp takes no more than 20 minutes to make, but it also looks like you put major effort into dinner.