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If you don’t have a recipe like this in your winter repertoire, then you should. In our house, we refer to this dish as Pasta Bolognese. Now, before you raise your hand to point out that this is not an authentic Bolognese sauce, I’ll save you the time and announce it right here: This is not an authentic Bolognese sauce.

If you are having any kind of get together for New Year’s Eve this year, your focus is going to primarily be on what food to serve. But if you’d like to have a fun, festive and easy-to-manage gathering, consider a menu of simple pre-made finger foods that will allow you to be able to focus on the drinks you’ll be serving instead. Not only will a varied and colorful drinks menu please a large crowd with different tastes, but it will add substantially to the celebratory atmosphere. And if you’ve managed to make it to the end of this year relatively unscathed, you should absolutely celebrate that.

If you’ve ever wondered why food made by your favorite restaurant chef tastes better than the food you make at home, chances are you are missing the crucial “finishing touch.” That’s the final seasoning that chefs sprinkle or drizzle on the food once it is cooked.

There’s something generational about food — families pass down their secret recipes and special tricks in the kitchen to make life easier and more flavorful for their children and grandchildren.

In the Danville kitchen of their grandmother, Amy Lehman, Eric and Scott Keppler learned the art of mixing a cup of this and a pinch of that to create wholesome, tasty meals and desserts. None of them could have guessed that one day Eric would be on television competing against top bakers in…

Carne deshebrada, literally meaning "shredded beef," is a common offering at Mexican taco stands. It's made by braising a large cut of beef until ultra-tender and then shredding the meat and tossing it with a flavorful rojo sauce made with tomatoes and/or dried chiles.

Much like a Chinese finger trap that lures by appearing to be a toy, sesame noodles are not what they seem. You may think of them as merely a humble bowl of cold noodles, but don't be fooled--just one bite and you're hooked on these toothsome noodles with shreds of tender chicken, all tossed…

Forget groundhog shadows and tulips. The first real signs of spring are bright yellow Peeps stocking the shelves at your local grocery store. Marshmallow Peeps are everyone’s favorite non-chocolate Easter candy — they even outsell jelly beans! Americans will eat 1.5 billion Marshmallow Peeps…

Pasta and meatballs are a perfect match, but for a unique spin on this classic duo we turned to lamb instead of beef or pork, and to orzo instead of spaghetti, and we enhanced the dish with fresh, bold Greek flavors like mint, oregano, and cinnamon.

We wanted to create a pasta dish that brought out the delicate, earthy flavor hiding in supermarket mushrooms. We selected cremini mushrooms, which have a meatier texture and a more intense, woodsy flavor than button mushrooms but are still readily available.