I write this information with respect as I am always in awe of the stories of the dedication of those serving our country, past and present. These are just two of the heartbreaking Christmas stories of those facing unimaginable danger for all to live in the "Land of the Free."

Advent is upon us, singing Christians toward Christmastide. Christian hymns and carols are filled with Jesus titles. Christ is a good title (no, it’s not his last name), meaning savior, deliverer, messiah (yes, we need to get tough-loved out of our messes).

Have you too begun to see Trump-Pence signs appearing on lawns? ‘Tis the season. Soon enough they’ll be propagating all over our lawns like rabbits.

December was originally the tenth and the last month of the year of the old Roman calendar that began in March. Its name came from the Latin word decem, meaning ten. The winter period was not assigned months. It originally consisted of 30 days but its length was shortened to 29 days when the…

10/1/1831: On Tuesday last, the canal boat, "Danville," with Captain Gaskins, on its first trip traveled with plaster for Jack Cowden of Northumberland. Merchandise for Colt and Donaldson arrived at this place being the first boat via the canal, the whole distance from Philadelphia.

An interview with The Daily Item's Female Scholar-Athlete of the Year Leah Bergey

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