DANVILLE — A Danville man is in jail on $500,000 bail for possession of more than 5,000 files of child pornography.

The state Attorney General's charged Kevin Franklin Reibsome, 49, of Montour Street, on Thursday with 15 counts for possessing videos of apparent child pornography on a computer and more than 5,000 files on a USB drive with a combination of child pornography images and videos.

Special agent Casey Hassinger said Reibsome had the videos on his desktop computer in his bedroom. Hassinger also charged him with criminal use of a communication facility, a cellphone.

According to the criminal complaint, Reibsome initially told agents early Thursday morning he was unsure he was viewing pornography. Reibsome said he uses multiple websites to search "3D computer-generated" and "hentai" images which are cartoon images. He said when he searches for hentai pornography, some of the cartoon images he views depict both adults and juveniles, according to the charges.

Reibsome said he has seen child pornography on the internet. When asked if he ever saved any child pornography, he said it was possible, the charges state.

According to the charges, he later admitted he has clicked on and viewed child pornography images. He said he only clicked on the image because it was a "small" icon and he was having issues deciphering what the image actually was. He said after he clicked on the child pornography image and realized what it was, he closed the image.

He said the hentai pornography was a way to make him "relax" and to "pass time," he told Hassinger.

He signed a consent form for agents to search his vehicle for his cellphone. When agents asked him what percentage of confidence he had that no child pornography would be found on his devices, he was unsure and could not give a percentage. He then indicated he wished to have an attorney present. At that time, no further questions were asked and an audio recording was stopped, according to court documents.

The investigation began April 9 after Hassinger received a cyber tip with Microsoft BingImage reporting one file that appeared to be a sexually explicit child pornography image viewed and or uploaded.

On April 22, Hassinger submitted an administrative subpoena to Verizon for subscriber information pertaining to the suspect IP address with Verizon providing the information on April 29.

Hassinger obtained a search warrant Wednesday with agents arriving at the home at 6:11 a.m. Thursday. Supervisory Special Agent Robert Soop of the computer forensics unit and Homeland Security Investigations investigative analyst Erik Kline assisted at the scene.

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