DANVILLE — The Danville Municipal Authority received one bid to install residential water meters.

Newman Plumbing, of Zelienople, bid $649,575 during a bid opening Tuesday in the borough building.

Brad Horne, borough water superintendent, opened the bid.

Brindy Feese, borough finance director, said she received about 30 inquiries from firms about the bidding.

Horne said the meters will be purchased through a state purchasing system. The authority expects to buy 1,966 meters, he said.

Authority members are expected to discuss the bid at their meeting July 15.

Residents currently are billed on a minimum rate. A home where one person lives pays the same amount as a household of 10, Feese previously said.

A single family home pays $97.50 per quarter.

Commercial customers have meters for water use and there are 170 commercial customers in the borough.

As of Jan. 1, the authority increased water rates by 10 percent due to increased operating costs and capital projects.