DANVILLE — Borough police charged a Bloomsburg man with driving while under the influence of alcohol after his bucket truck rolled over June 30 on Route 54 westbound.

Robert L. Crane, 45, told Patrolman Jared Bangs he was headed east, wasn't sure what happened, started to go sideways and lost control of the 2017 Ford F-350.

The truck went off the right side of the road, turned left, came across two lanes of traffic, ran over the concrete median, crossed two lanes of oncoming traffic, rolled and came to rest on the opposite side of the road, police said.

Bangs said Crane admitted to drinking before the accident. The officer saw several open and unopened cans of beer scattered around and inside the vehicle. A partial case of beer was behind the passenger seat.

He charged Crane with driving while under the influence of alcohol, having a high rate of alcohol or a blood alcohol level of 0.141 percent, possessing open beer cans while driving, careless driving and failure to stay in a single lane.