DANVILLE — The Danville Borough Code Office issued building permits with fees of $429 for a sidewalk and fence lighting at 255 Church St.; $679 for a fit-out at 418 Railroad St.; $254 for a retaining wall at Mill and Market streets; $78 for a side porch roof at 182 W. Mahoning St.; and $1,035 for a new dwelling at 550 Spring St. in June.

The office issued three zoning permits of $20 each for food trucks at 459 Rooney Ave.; $40 for a fence at 218 Mowry St.; $40 for a car port at 733 Grand St.; $40 for a fence at 263 Chamber St.; and $40 for a fence at 95 Park Ave.

A $50 fee was charged for a 100 amp service inspection at 815 E. Market St.

Property maintenance work included three door hangers, three complaints, one prohibited furniture, eight personal contacts, nine courtesy notices, 13 quality of life courtesies issued, two quality of life tickets issued and one quality of life citation. There were 31 rental inspections.