DANVILLE — Children sang and shook percussion instruments along with Mary Knysh, internationally known professional musician, educator, author and recording artist.

Knysh visited the Thomas Beaver Free Library Thursday through the sponsorship by Barbara Walzer's Harmonious Endeavors. Walzer, of Danville, was among those in the audience.

The program was part of the library's summer reading program, "A Universe of Stories."

"Mary is going to help you make music today," Beth Anne Lynn, library youth coordinator, told the group. 

Knysh, of Millville, began by singing a "hello song" in languagues including Indonesian, Italian, German and French.

She said they would start their journey around the world with Native Amercians in the Americas, who loved framed drums that sounded like a heartbeat. "They also loved the birds," she said of them imitating bird songs. 

Her grandson Ben handed out percussion instruments for the children to shake and rattle with Knysh telling them they would help her write a song with the kids adding to the list of items left in a boat in a bay in the Caribbean. 

She played the guitar for a South American song and then a drum from Africa. The children beat on their legs and clapped to the rhythm along with the shakers and percussion instruments. They then played the song much faster.

They journeyed to Zimbabwe where she played a mbira she said is used to put babies to sleep at night.

Their next stop was Ireland for a song about a bog with Ben accompanying on the ukulele and Knysh playing guitar.

Knysh, who plays numerous instruments, ended with a song about a cockroach from Mexico and a tune Lynn said was her favorite about a mountain, water and fire with the kids illustrating them with hand movements and clapping.   

"I loved it. I remembered her from another year and put it on my calendar to make sure we wouldn't miss it," said Brittany Fulton who was with her daughters Maddie, 6; Myla, 4; and Leah, 15 months. "She was fantastic," she said.

Knysh, who said she had just returned from Switzerland, presents programs and workshops around the world. She is scheduled to be in New York City, various locations in New York state,  California, Oregon and Florida this year. She has appeared at conferences throughout the U.S., Europe and Australia.