DANVILLE — A local painter whose latest series of works reflects his feelings about what people are going through during the pandemic, can be viewed on the window at the Danville Business Alliance office at 620 Mill St., until Saturday.

It's called CoronArt, by Chet Davis, of Paxinos, an artist of international and regional renown.

Davis' art had been scheduled for a show in Danville (and one in Harrisburg this coming March), that was canceled because of COVID. "So I figured I have all this work dealing with what we are going through. Maybe we can put it in the window."

Davis is a member of the Danville Area Arts "and DAA members are given the opportunity to showcase one’s artwork at the Danville Business Alliance and the Pine Barn Inn," noted Rebecca Dressler, executive director, Danville Business Alliance.

"Chet’s current body of work, 'CoronArt,' is an exhibit of visual manifestations of the artist’s concerns for enduring these troubled times of the COVID-19 pandemic," Dressler said. "Chet’s paintings capture and memorialize this extraordinary time in our history."

Davis opted not to put prices on the pieces in the window.

"I just wanted people to know that they weren't alone in their stress and anxiety," he said. "I was even contacted by someone who saw the painting called "The Mask," and said they connected with it emotionally. Well, if they had an experience, it's the least I can do."

He wants people walking by to look at the paintings and "come away with something like knowing they are not alone. And we'll get through this pandemic together," he said.

His CoronArt series of paintings, acrylic on canvas, is also a tribute to all the front-line workers, teachers and everybody else who has to go out every day and make the best of it.

"I somehow want to bring out positive feelings during this time of COVID," he said.

"Reading by the Window" is one of the paintings in the Alliance window. Also "The Spreader," a multi-media piece, and "Masked Emotions," in charcoal.

"This expresses fatigue, depression, grief and so many more feelings pent up behind a mask," Davis said about the piece.

"PPC Figure (Mask and Gloves)" is a mixed medium. The uniform of the day for so many front-line workers, Davis explained.

Other paintings in the series include "Distant Kiss," "Mask and Gloves" and "Elbow Bump." Not all of these are available to see on the Business Alliance window, but they can be seen online at Davis's website, chetdavisart.com.

Davis' paintings and drawings have won international, national and regional recognition. He has won numerous honors, including awards from the Hazleton Art League, the Art Association of Harrisburg, the Susquehanna Art Society, the Allied Artists of Schuylkill County and the Lewisburg Arts Council.

Davis was born in Ashland and is now a resident of Paxinos. He maintains a private home studio.

"I began painting in 1968," he said, and then laughed. "I'm starting to get really good at it."

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