DANVILLE — Mahoning Township Secretary Joe Oberdorf retired from that post on Monday, almost three years after taking on the part-time job under a new administration.

Supervisor Vice Chairman T.S. Scott said Oberdorf will have a new title now — secretary emeritus — because will be available to help newly appointed Township Secretary Carolyn Dragano and Treasurer Ken Houck. She was water and sewer department administrative secretary, but that post is no longer needed since the water and sewer utilities were sold to SUEZ Water of Pennsylvania in March. Dragano, wife of township zoning officer Jim Dragano, was hired two years ago, before her husband came on board.

The supervisors on Monday approved Oberdorf's new status and Carolyn Dragano's new position. Their pay rates — $26 per hour following a $1-per-hour raise last year, and no benefits —will remain the same. Scott said Oberdorf would be paid whenever he is needed.

After announcing Oberdorf's retirement, Scott presented him with a plaque and spoke of his contributions to the township since he started working for the township.

"It was at a time we were feverishly working to rebuild the township," Scott said.

The supervisors said township departments were broken, except for the street department and zoning and code enforcement.

"If there's anything we've done right, Joe's fingerprints were all over it," Scott said.

Scott said Oberdorf also became a friend, would cheer them up.

"It's really been an honor, and the way things fell into place in the township, which my wife and I came to love," Oberdorf told the supervisors and residents at the supervisors meeting.

He said he put together 40 manuals to help the next secretary, with information from administration to zoning.

Oberdorf said he only regretted that his sister, who passed away while living on Kingsley Avenue in February 2017, "did not live to see this day."

Bald Top Road

Supervisor Chairman Bill Lynn told residents engineers will be doing core sampling for another week and a half on Bald Top Road. Analysis of the samples will take another week and a half and compiling a report will take two weeks. Officials previously said the results might not be available until Aug. 14.

The road, a steep hill leading to homes on Bald Top Mountain, has had water erosion problems beneath its surface for decades. Following frequent days of rain, the road began collapsing in late May in some sections, leading officials to close the road.

Residents of Bald Top have been using a detour route, via Klein Road, off Route 642 west in Valley Township.

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