DANVILLE — Montour County's commissioners approved Community Development Block Grant projects Tuesday for fiscal year 2019 for the Danville Area Community Center and Washingtonville.

The center funds of $47,222 would be for the sponsorship program to aid people who cannot afford to join the center, said Glenda Ruch, program director of SEDA-COG, which administers the program for the county. She said the funding doesn't cover Danville borough since it has its own CDBG allocation.

The 2019 county allocation totals $217,534.

Also proposed is $131,312 toward replacing Washingronville's municipal wastewater treatment plant.

She recommended the county also apply for a competitive $1 million grant for the project.

Washingtonville qualifies for the CDBG funds since it has 51 percent of residents with low to moderate incomes, Commissioner Trevor Finn said. Cooper Township doesn't qualify as the result of an income survey.

CDBG funds include $37,900 for SEDA-COG administration and $1,100 for county administration.

A final hearing on the CBDG funds will be held Sept. 24 with the application to be submitted by Nov. 2, Ruch said.