VALLEY TWP. — The Valley Township supervisors are moving ahead to get two blighted motels fixed up. 

At Wednesday night's meeting, they agreed the owners will have 30 days to rectify issues found during an inspection Jan. 16 or to show signs of progress.

The inns are the Super 8 Motel and the Quality Inn.

Ultimately, if issues aren't corrected, commercial building inspector Matt Witmer, who did the inspections, could order the inns be closed. Both are located at the Danville exit of Interstate 80.

Township supervisor Mike Kull said the issues at the Quality Inn are minor and many were housekeeping matters.

Supervisor Vice Chairman Walt Rupert said he wasn't interested in closing down the facilities.

He said he'd like to see a review process for the Super 8 Motel.

"There's some pretty scary stuff there. The ceiling of decorative cement blocks is letting loose," said zoning officer Fred Shappell.

He said Witmer recommended an architect or engineer review the structure of the Super 8 Motel. The township employs Witmer through Building Inspection Underwriters. 

Shappell said other issues include loose railings, the structural integrity of a balcony wall, electrical, fire extinguishers not being serviced, the structural integrity of a balcony and the facade deteriorating on an exterior floor.

Shappell will take letters from the township notifying the inns that they have 30 days to rectify the issues or show signs of progress.

Rupert said he didn't want to take away anyone's livelihood away "but this is negligence." The Super 8 Motel was also the scene of a murder in September.


Fire police

Kull, who is also the fire chief of the Valley Township Fire Department, clarified the Danville Fire Department sending a letter to the township stating it owed the Danville Fire Police money. He said the township never paid $600 to the fire police and has donated $250 each year to the group.

"They say we owe a balance and if we don't pay, they will withhold services. If we had a bill, we would have a contract and guaranteed services provided, but this service doesn't cost them anything," he said.

Any expense fire police would have would be for fuel or mileage, he said. Kull said fire departments don't bill each other for services. Rupert said the fire police seemed to be OK with the $250 donation in the past each year. Kull said the fire police don't have any equipment that they exclusively use in the township. 

He said the Valley Township Fire Department will continue to request the services of the fire police. "Whether they send them out is their choice," he said.   

Kull said the fire police "do a very good job for us. They want to respond."  

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