DANVILLE — President Judge Thomas James Jr. released two people Monday from the felony diversion program after they successfully completed it in one year.

They were Matthew R. Blouch and Noa Lakshmi.

Lakshmi, 35, of Encinitas, Calif., was charged with having 119 one-pound vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana in a vehicle.

James sentenced her on a misdemeanor charge of possession of a controlled substance. He fined her $200 and ordered her to pay the costs of prosecution. He gave her credit for the year-long probation she served.

She has also paid what was owed.

Lakshmi previously pleaded guilty to a felony of possession with intent to deliver marijuana and to possession of a controlled substance.

Lakshmi and Michael P. Harnish, 31, of San Diego, Calif., were charged after a state trooper stopped the 2017 black Ford Excursion Lakshmi was driving on Interstate 80 Sept. 19, 2017, in Liberty Township.

Tpr. James Sohns stopped the vehicle traveling east in the left lane when the right lane was available for travel.

Sohns said there were indications of criminal and drug activity present and he asked to search the vehicle, which was denied.

A state police dog arrived, alerted officers to the presence of illegal drugs and a probable cause search was conducted. The bags of marijuana were found during a hand search of the cargo area.

Blouch, 20, who was in Connecticut, spoke by phone to his attorney, Kyle Rude, and to the judge.

He was sentenced to one year's probation on a misdemeanor charge, fined $200 and given credit for one year served on probation. Rude said his client has paid everything involved.

Tpr. Christopher Isbitski stopped his 2006 Acura on Interstate 80 Nov. 10 for a traffic violation.

Police said a search of the vehicle showed two clear plastic bags of marijuana.