VALLEY TWP. — A Valley Township resident asked about the status of a recycling program in the township at Wednesday night's meeting.

Paul Rudowski, who has lived in the township for 40 years, also commended elected and appointed officials in the township for doing a good job.

Township Supervisor Vice Chairman Walt Rupert said the township continues to search for the proper piece of equipment that can be used in a recycling program. He said the purchase would need to be within the township's budget.

He said the township has a commitment with Bloomsburg Recycling to take items collected.

Rupert said the items will have to be separated.

In the past, items weren't separated.

Montour County had a recycling program in Valley, Cooper and Anthony townships but ceased it as of Jan. 1 because of cost.

Valley Township has agreed to allocate up to $3,000 to resume some type of recycling in the township.

In May, Montour County Commissioner Trevor Finn thanked the supervisors for their offer in which staff would be willing to work in a recycling operation in the township two Saturdays a month.

Finn said the county couldn't afford $120,000 a year for a recycling program. "If we piecemeal it, we can get it going and that's what we're trying to do," he said. 

Township zoning officer Fred Shappell also reported issuing four residential permits and a permit for a pole building at the First Baptist Church in June.