I read with some amusement, the letter from the Old Codger about former president Donald Trump. Yup, he stroked the egos of Putin and Kim Jong Un. But guess what? Putin didn’t invade the Ukraine as he did under Obama and then Biden. Kim stopped firing off missiles and threatening his neighbors and the U.S. I don’t know about you, but that looks like success to me.

Yes, Trump had bone spurs and missed the war in Vietnam. Biden had five deferments to avoid the draft and service in Vietnam, and he was healthy. So what was your point again?

Next, five people did not die during the riot on Jan. 6. One person died, shot by a Capitol policeman. And if it really was an insurrection as you stated, why has no one been charged with it? Unlike BLM and Antifa, there was no attempt or intent to overthrow the government, and those riots caused $1 billion in damage, thousands of cops injured, and at least 10 killed. Oh, that’s right, Pelosi and other leading Democrats referred to those cops as Nazis, storm troopers, and fascists among other things. The left thought it was funny when there was a credible plot to invade the White House by BLM and Antifa and Trump and his family were moved to safety. They made lots of jokes about Trump hiding in his bunker.

Again you talk about the Big Lie. The big lie was the FBI and justice department illegally spying on the Trump campaign and his presidency. Adam Schiff declaring he had absolute proof Trump was guilty. The FBI offering the author of the Steele dossier $1 million if he could prove the charges. He couldn’t. Charges made up, paid for by the Democrats and the Clinton campaign, Nancy Pelosi and her successor, Hillary Clinton, Schumer and many other Dems denied Trump’s election was legitimate, and plotted before he was sworn into office to impeach him. That sounds like trying to overturn the will of the people to me.

You called Trump dangerous. Is the world better off with Biden in office? Are we safer? Is our military better equipped? Do we have a secure supply of energy? Are our supply chains adequate? Did Biden pick cabinet members for their expertise, or for their diversity and no experience?

Finally, I have a suggestion for all you suffering from Trump derangement syndrome. Why don’t you go to a grocery store or gas station and tell the people there how lucky they are to have Joe Biden. Why don’t you talk to a soldier or veteran and explain to them how much more secure we are in today’s world. Why don’t you speak to the people struggling to pay their utilities, feed their families or trying to buy a home, just how wonderful everything is since Biden took office.

Your positions are as hypocritical as The Daily Item’s canceling a comic strip for racist remarks, yet supporting Biden who backed a former Klansman, opposed integrated schools, saying they’d become racial jungles, lied about his civil rights record, and implied that if a Black person voted for a Republican they weren’t Black.

Yes, your outrage is hypocritical, one sided and wrong.

William J. Folk,


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